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  1. DK Danis

    Free energy machine is called solar panel.

  2. Justin

    It's obviously a free energy device, Mehdi. Since you don't understand those,.I don't think you'll get this one either.

  3. ElektronikKondensator

    "This Fan here will blow up into the Heatsink" i expected something different to happen... 😂

  4. Deranged Chicken

    WTF is that melted thing on top of Mehdi's stove @ 2:19 ????

  5. にのして

    No fire this tim?

  6. PKuster

    Hallo i am from Switzerland and i want to buld an elektrik hydrofoil hehe. I have a question. so a outronner motor interfrears with his magnets, that are spinning on the rotor near to a huge mass of aluminium.. so when i use a inrunner motor. This motor is using electromagnets on the outside. So dos i ned then more current for this motor in a aluminium tube, than without a tube because of the eddy current law?

  7. _ HuNteR

    actually 7 million volts is not physically possible,only like 300k

  8. Ibian666

    Imagine living a life where you constantly think up new and interesting ways to shock yourself, and making a living doing it.

  9. CherryBacon Astro

    I’ve known this for a while. Forks are bad for the microwave though.

  10. Ralph Meltsner

    I agree about the “more effort.“ It’s more convincing because if you were to spin the rotor normally and just forget about the magnetic attraction, it might actually work as a real generator.

  11. Ralph Meltsner

    I remember your name spelling by thinking of HD.

  12. Streksti

    I love your videos because you do all the shit our parents always told us not to do 😂 like some sort of mad engineer

  13. A B

    Food in metal containers when microwaved will not warm because the metals taken the energy. Khak bar sar

  14. Nobody Important

    2nd best product reviewer on RScamera. As a parent, I will now be buying that model of microwave.

  15. Uzair Ahmad

    Solar energy ⚡ is bringing back DC.

  16. ShiningSlime

    FUN FACT: There is a street at Vancouver witch is called Latity

  17. No way Dude

    Is having your phone charging and wearing wired headphones dangerous

  18. Mousy

    It's so uncomfortable to see an Indian Looking guy With European accent.

  19. Voltrex


  20. Voltrex

    Oh yesss oh

  21. Nahid Laaiba

    You made a video on this video. The way they generate free electricity with generators is somehow possible, please show me an experience on this video. This is a link to the video rscamera.info/like/video/o6xygtOZhaaZh4U.html

  22. Johannes Martin

    I seriously wonder how you're still alive 😂

  23. Nahid Laaiba

    This is a link to the video rscamera.info/like/video/o6xygtOZhaaZh4U.html

  24. Nahid Laaiba

    You made a video on this video. The way they generate free electricity with generators is somehow possible, please show me an experience on this video.

  25. John Smith

    Mine sparks if someone even plays heavy metal in the neighbourhood.

  26. Tony Mancini

    12:07 Did anyone else flinch seeing that glass dome hanging halfway off the table?? I thought it was going down for sure

  27. BeastxInxBed

    I once heated noodles in the microwave and there was still some aluminum and that caught fire. Like wtf

  28. PillsWontHelpYouNow

    Did you try taping a large block of nickel ferrite to a copper wire, breadboarding it, and plugging it in?

  29. wujek_naruto_uzumaki


  30. Daredevil 13

    He is risking his house for our entertainment thank you ❤️❤️

  31. MetroKast

    Bed you won't stick your tongue 😜


    Hello ElectroBOOM thx for teaching all of this things you are the great teacher btw you make me always laugh

  33. Kieu Lam

    tiktok brought me here

  34. Shmoopfox


  35. Just Brexxit

    Why do I keep watching this…

  36. TRXP RFT

    “Yeah, I have blown up a hotel in London before” *Intelligence services want to know your location*

  37. Mousy

    His Videos are More Thrilling than Horron Movies

  38. jzgsk

    Microwaves has to be made different now, because putting some foil or even a fork in the microwave it would light up like crazy.

  39. Fernando

    I supose that when the metal touches the wall it may demage the painting and compromise the EM confinement.

  40. Mohib Ullah

    Did the two phases he used to connect to make them line-to-line were 180 degrees out of phase?

  41. Mr Bird

    don't pressurize it while the car is sitting right on the tyre first lift the car and then start pumping the tyre , note: Don't do that if you're using an air compressor

  42. Kurazs Iosif Daniel

    enough talking !... then let's talk some more :)))))

  43. BBWB

    My parents had "fancy" dinner plates with a gold trim round the edge of the plate. They put one in the microwave not thinking about it and it started popping all over. Maybe gold makes it easier being more conductive.

  44. Varun A K Mandokhot

    Don't worry Mehdi. Your reactions themselves are art.

  45. batvanio

    All right, but what is the role of the coil?

  46. Ok

    If my Christmas free all my light Bulb gone I will do that

  47. delimiter

    How many f's do I hold? 4 Want me to prove? 🖕 :>

  48. Samicoron

    He's Elon Musk in alternative form.

  49. Johan Norberg

    .. so there is.. AC & DC.... is there other theoretical powers of "waves" ? 🤔

  50. Elijahdoesmine9 2nd channel

    0:10 we are the 3d printers

  51. brian reynolds

    Hey Electric boom do you have a sister because your sister has the head of all power I can stand 100 storms

  52. sameeur rahman

    It's play like a dj

  53. Desperate Loner

    0:23 I don't think my mom turns me on

  54. zaky hamzah

    10:57 Fun fact :mehdi is yeet the screwdriver because there a arc that jump to his index finger

  55. Junior22G

    electro einstein 2021 having fun

  56. xlasingx

    ..if the metal is thin enough, and has a small/"sharp" ignition point, then, the metal can, depending on the microwave signal strength, superheat some metals to a threshold of a plasma burst.. ..:)..

  57. BudiBadut

    kesini gara" titok?

  58. Bob Lake

    Tiresome and dangerous clown.

  59. Tiro Mandal

    Just because his degree is superior to yours doesn't mean he can never be corrected by you! I often times find errors in my seniors code which is ironic considering his degree and the vast experience difference. It's the same for other professions too like medical, engineering, finance and so on, despite of having the big degrees they often times get corrected by their subordinates. That's cuz they're humans, even though some of them heavily suffers from god complex.

  60. Gustav Gnöttgen

    Something naughty with that title: a cattle prod for millions of submissives

  61. Kasper Ribera

    Its volt not voltage

  62. Stephano Papadimitriou

    Cars are not tools they have soul's

  63. Mitch Philpott

    I enjoyed watching him keep shocking himself over and over a little too much.

  64. Slight Retalliation

    Well in gasoline cars. We Have Alternators

  65. Lé japot skee

    I have 6g

  66. Slight Retalliation

    Next He's going to blame propulsion systems for the challenger.

  67. pratik dey

    It took 1 hour to record 2:26 min video.. don't believe? Look at the watch😅

  68. Rishil

    6:50 I'll provide you with an example: Is like a stargazer without a telescope

  69. nerdylicious

    Mehdi is like Mr bean with an electric engineering degree, wait Mr bean actually has an electric engineering degree.

  70. BPollard86

    So, we find that he needed a software license this whole time. So he went through an elaborate scheme to make a video in order to get a free one. Then he gets paid for it. We learned something while he was at it. The software company gets advertisement. Super devious. Everyone involved wins.

  71. PO


  72. Rull Gaming

    Kesini gara"tiktok

    1. KucingTzy


  73. Mistric

    5g kill birds

  74. Monster Truck

    We love you

  75. Monster Truck

    All the best ElectoBOOM

  76. Monster Truck

    Follow gurudwara

  77. Monster Truck

    Follow surey yaseen words