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  1. a64750

    slow mo chain #2 show a Vortex like effect or a tail whip, that what cause Mould effect

  2. aleko kaxadze

    Physicians beefs are da best

  3. Shubham Sen

    Indian engineering colleges are lazy in doing practical engineering

  4. echopeus22

    ok we're going to need slow motion and measurements @smartereveryday LETS DO THIS!!!!

  5. Okay

    So cool

  6. Michelle Staunton

    Try using less bad language then I may sub! 🙁

  7. Kirk Nelson

    oh and I think your explanation is better and I hereby award you the 10,000 cents... Canadian.

  8. Kirk Nelson

    I've seen that effect on anchor chains, back when I was in the navy when dropping anchor if the chain got too much speed it start to sling it self away from the capstan. Keep in mind our chain was 90 pounds each link and 120 pounds for a master link, and the anchor was 40,000 pounds. So there was a substantial force pulling it and its not unheard of for one to get out of control and get going so fast that it can't be stopped. In this situation we nearly lost the anchor and chain, but managed to get the brake set in time.

  9. samir BRIHOUM

    Lavoisier had said ''nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed'' quel proverbe

  10. Max B

    Cambridge University is not what it used to be. How can you seriously publish a comparative experiment where you don't even use the same controlled environment ? It's embarrassing

  11. aldente

    Tell mould to use the link chains from a very large height, then you have your proof

  12. Bill K

    1:09 what a desperate scream for help

  13. Momo .CatHead

    When I watched Steve’s I agreed with him. Now I watch this one, I agree with this. I think I just believe clever RScamera people.

  14. Leggy Leggz

    It's the same thing as happens when a skateboarder ollies!

  15. Just Revel

    Weird, I thought you'd want a BOOM mic 🎙️

  16. University of Space

    This guy would be an amazing teacher to have

  17. Shivendra Singh


  18. Madhav Khindri

    Can you explain Chua's circuit, someone told me about that...but don't know what is it?????

  19. Alfredus F


  20. Kholofelo Lekgoathi

    This guy swings like a lumberjack. Just haymakers, exposing very subtle problems in seemingly airtight arguments.

  21. Some Guy

    I gotta say. I believe this explanation. The flat experiments in both videos are what convinced me. Steve showed that his kickoff effect exists as the chain was pushed back, but Mehdi showed that it wasn't the primary force as the Mould effect happens even with gaps between the lengths of chain, so it cannot kick off. I'd Mehdis explanation is true, the effect should be possible with a rope.

  22. MikuBass

    We need Destin to look into this 😎

  23. K SHk

    Sir, respect to you, request your to start basic lectures, it’s my dream to attend your lectures.

  24. Lovey prashr

    I made the first one in my high school as a game for kids just one change instead of shock it use to light LED. Calling it Game of hand balance😄

  25. Edoardo

    I like your explanation way better than Steve's. The lever explanation does not convince me. Moreover in my opinion the chain doesn't work because it loses its energy/momentum when links are not already adjacent: when a fast link "hits" a still one, a greater amount of energy is converted to heat and lost.

  26. fLaMePr0oF

    If your hypothesis was correct then it would also happen for a link chain or any other chain, why does it only happen for the ball chain?

  27. MinutesB4Midnight

    I said this on his video hahaha

  28. Dolly Micairan

    Can you even explain why you need to make an emp? That is realy hard to disarm, i wrote the steps on how to disarm a emp, it took me 20 muinites and its not about how fast you are, its just how lucky you are, just pls tell me why are you evem making an emp

  29. newforestobservatory

    I think you have just won yourself 10,000 cents - well done.

  30. tk9780

    A vacuum of the mind - see Hitman Notoriety

  31. Conrad Hintz

    I think you need longer chains to see if they keep accelerating under gravity.

  32. hramkanvas

    But your 2d version is not a Mould Effect at all. The wave is getting bigger but it also moving down. With a chain it's getting bigger and moving up.

  33. Er. Ran Bahadur B.K.

    My god how can he don that?

  34. Kosmanen

    Hi ElectroBOOM, any chance you could do math behind causing artificial rains with drones (Saudi-arabia). Is it possible? Drones which fly half hour now are capable of zapping clouds to rain? Are they running 1000m electrical wire there or sick ass amplifier?

  35. barraq faisal karbelkar

    It is made of….material -rip eletroboom’s brain cells 2007-2017

  36. Nathan Lee

    The packet loss part i thoroughly enjoyed. Lol

  37. some cats in a box

    Team Mehdi!

  38. p0mf!

    7:51, mom can we go to mcdonalds

  39. Sid

    I thought he was stalking a woman and her child...realised it was his wife and daughter 😂

  40. when do we die

    I always thought this was conservation of momentum fuck because you throw the chain up to start this effect

  41. Alexander Rossi

    Are you absolutely certain it is safe to be poking and waving live electrical wires about

  42. tegarfr

    Sounds like world war walkie talkie 🤣

  43. pratyush

    We're still waiting for that induction.

  44. Daniel Hjertholm

    Inertia is not a force, so your F1 and F2 arrows at 7:52 shouldn’t be there.

    1. Dapit1W

      It *is* a force, just google it

  45. DV Workshop


  46. octane

    next time, use old HDD frames, or a 2mm aluminium sheet to mount heatsinks, not wood.

  47. Brian

    Kinda accurate

  48. Nathan Lee

    @1:04 I recognize this music. It’s from a game I play. Treasure of Nadia lmaoooo

  49. Kam500

    BTW light bulb company's have a max time they make the bulbs last so the break/burnout so they get more money. Ther is a firestation that has a light that has bend on for years ther is a video I watched a while back and I can rember much about it. the light bulb i was talking about is Centennial Light

  50. Fallenangel127

    I didn't know he had a daughter, well it doesn't anymore since he crushed her.

  51. Cry More

    9:50 mehdi summarized in one picture

  52. Dea Baum

    Is this just the veritasium dispute but mehdi v mould?

  53. dingdingdingdiiiiing

    Mould Effect always reminded me of a whip, and it's basically whip effect, for it to work, it only requires sufficient mass that is strung together continuously and bending or flowing doesn't cause too much friction. It works with rope, rubber hose, or, a whip. Lift any of those, abruptly pull it down and observe the "mould effect". It is exactly the same thing. It's a whip.

  54. Crystal concept

    Conservation of energy Kirchhoff second law is about conservation of energy Energy of magnetic field convert into electic field

  55. CryoniXXX

    Самое большое дилд... ой, волшебная палочка. АХАХВ

  56. Basil Gan

    I really dont like the vibe this guy puts off, how is it entertaining, it's like feeding the retards who always wants to see people get hurt

  57. Raviindra Soni

    the thumbnail is so hillarious

  58. Mike Fitz

    Electro Boom is the Super Dave of educational videos.

  59. Shayle Thorne

    Check Kyle Hills chain whip vid. It has some info on this too. m.rscamera.info/like/video/ca-AgamooYV_YZE.html

  60. leoric hbk

    I've experienced this sort of thing...very bad 📛

  61. Lee Sen

    0:54 ... His face like suppervillain

  62. Marko Stojiljkovic

    Where sparks ?



  64. 01turtleboy08

    Kids, this is how fires are made

  65. CryogenicBurn

    Isn't that just the Parabola effect?

  66. Altered Gamers

    You Sir, are correct :)

  67. XGamer_2.0

    Him 1.7 mil views: doesn't think about electroBoom getting 2.1 mil on this video

  68. Akash Barman

    Mom: why are you caryying leds with you in the family pool ? Me: you wouldn't get it

  69. Chooki Mongoni

    I watched steves video and you won this bet for sure. your explanation videos and reasoning sound 100 times better than steves.

  70. Ryan Maki

    I think it is a wave traveling across the chain, but the chain also moves as fast as the wave. I t's a wave but the chain moves around the wave, therefore, making it (the wave) stay in the same spot.

  71. John Lenkes

    Man, talk about being in the hot seat!!! It was funny when his shorts caught on fire.

  72. shodanxx

    Well, I sure hope the slowmo guys can come in and help out with this !

  73. Julian Ortiz

    What if the chain rises because of Air Force and gravity force pushing each other? Hmmmmmmmmmmm

  74. Rajan Mehra

    If he starts with HI, it's surely funny video


    thank you so much electroboom!!!!!!!

  76. Nathan John Ninan

    I love your videos 😀👍👏👌

  77. pranav__2706

    After this video I got the add if app simple guitar 😂😂

  78. mospidas

    8:58 it's all fun and games until some kid try it at home

  79. Bill Kong

    The methodology for this type of thing should be to plug it into a robust multiphysics simulation and see what assumptions cause the effect. You can turn friction to 0 and work with a perfectly uniform 0 stiffness chain and see what it does.