Almost MELTING Metal with Induction Heater


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    I finally made an induction heater with NO PROTECTIONS with ZVS Circuit!!
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    By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

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    1. DV Workshop


    2. Wesley Kiehn

      I love your stuff ElectroBoom! you are so cool and always bring a smile to my face plus I always learn something new and interesting thank you! :D

    3. SliceNDize

      you need animated instead the drawing board lol

    4. Amed TABAR

      Who just skips the part where mehdi changes his circuit and looks where he gets shocked

    5. Ricardo Santos

      Lmfao... This guy is awesome!

    6. Stavia Ormand

      30V @ 30A with no reverse polarity protection diode, a man of my taste

    7. King Of Games

      1:41 What is that sound he did😂😂😂

    8. naid nryb

      Bro thats real shit fam

    9. Moristo Lekka Electronic

      Is it possible in the futures the world of technology create overunity by using "the power of resonance"? how do you think?

    10. Electro

      I don't want to have an online funeral.

    11. kaden's toy reviews and modifications

      Darn I really really really wish I had rewatched this video earlier today It could’ve save my circuit.. Now it’s gone..

    12. Robert Chapman

      3:36 when he does something right for once(IN SHOCK OR SOMETHING)

      1. Robert Chapman

        and 6:11

      2. Robert Chapman

        3:44, and 3:46 lel

    13. Informedia Tech - BRUNO

      ive got to a job interview and implement Electro Boom circuit as an example , i set fire to the office and got fired before being hired

    14. just a normal korean boy

      In every video electroboom you can't pass having an explosion because of your mistake lol

    15. Welly L Hakim

      i like this video

    16. Daniel Muñoz

      How is this guy still alive

    17. ZUSS

      3:44 Trauma

    18. gangsta

      Will this light up a cfl bulb..?

    19. Pestilizer

      send me raycons now

    20. (حمود /  HAMOD)

      I am an Iraqi and a greeting from Iraq

    21. divyadeenu

      My teacher: Who is the biggest boomer? Me: ElectroBoom😂😂😂

    22. Whackjob of KSP / SE

      Mehdi sour face @1:45 is both a blessing and a haunting

    23. I'm an orange

      3:43 you can clearly see that he is traumatised with electronics😂

    24. XL Gaming

      "lets plug it in!" *POP*

    25. kasra ghasemi


    26. Sudip Aryal


    27. AC3

      The circut he's showing reminds me of something I've seen in Rossmann videos.

    28. Nathaniel Pontinovitz


    29. ItzAlanPlayz

      6 hours of play time? Nah I need 6 h and 1 minute

    30. Sebi

      Finally mehdi dosen't kill itself

    31. Rak Wrathraiser

      Its working Let's change the circuit

    32. Liam Stemp

      Who else is just waiting for something to explode when they watch this?

    33. thejamesonline 2

      my friend had Raycon buds and they broke after only half an hour. Brought some with the link and they arrived already broken. Still waiting for replacements.

    34. Anime Nerd

      3:50 the way he laughed from satisfaction was the most wholesome thing ever. and the other times too when he laughs from satisfaction gets me every time and i cant stop laughing

    35. Matthew Brown

      You'll have to tell Miss Electro Cute that her playing is really getting impressive and that she should be proud! 😊

    36. Player738

      1:30 its gonna blow up 2 sec later: damn it didnt 3 sec later: nvm

    37. Victoria Chilonge

      Made the similar circuit but only one MOSFET heating up,wat could be wrong

    38. Jero maruzzo

      The moment you feel excitement.

    39. Mr Robot Elliot

      yeah I'm here because you said so. 😂😂 if your confused of my comment watch next of his videos related to what he is doing right now.

    40. Vishvesh Upadhyay

      I’m learning more from here than what my secondary school teacher teaches, wish you were there before!

    41. Carlos Vega

      Estaría padre que tradujeran please

    42. Uzumaki Clan

      dosent know anything about engeenering and going to become a doctor still watching this

    43. Donald Hornback

      tooth brush

    44. TheDecentGamer25

      *Sees raycon add* Me who knows that they are terrible: They had me going in the first part...

    45. Athra The axolotl


    46. Kavit Gupta

      I think mehdi has to think how to short-circuit every circuit featured in the video for the content..that's "THE RScameraR" we want

    47. Oversteer _

      Seriously how much does raycon pay our beloved creators?

    48. Saeid Aghashahi


    49. Wacko Destroyer

      i am TERRIFIED of what will happen when mehdi becomes a video editing master

    50. jackson_theboss1

      Imagine him as are math teacher

    51. The Turtle Hermit

      i love how he is surprised that it worked

    52. Syed Academy

      You should star in live action phineas and ferb movie, as Dr doofenshmirtz

    53. Govinda Borah

      Can you explain how an inverter work? Mean, how we can convert dc to ac?

    54. Prod. mp3

      1:33 You know everyone was waiting for an explosion

    55. Jason Fan

      3:43 look, it's a fear switch. when you press the switch, mehdi jumps back and nearly falls out of his chair.

    56. aditya official pahadi swag

    57. dviii

      I should learn Farsi to understand this video.

    58. Dr. J. A. LAGHARI

      Thank you so much for such an amazing information and video.

    59. music H library

      Music H library

    60. Abir Ghosh

      What is Vs here??

    61. son nguyen

      The remarkable kettledrum surprisingly beam because bobcat hisologically roll among a gamy flugelhorn. hapless, milky base

    62. Angry Alliance

      He has hell of a style in mentioning his sponsor

    63. Captain Pooh Bear

      The short preview on YT is nothing but Raycon, I don't know how it happened, but it happened, and I want some now.

    64. cgn cgn

      It says Short circuits are a major type of electrical accident that can cause serious damage to your electrical system. They occur when a low-resistance path not suited to carry electricity receives a high-volume electrical current.

    65. Jonathan Zeru

      Alright, no more laughing and making simple circuits. I'm gonna learn from this and create free energy. /j

      1. Jonathan Zeru

        No but I'm actually going to make very complicated circuits, I have everything that I need.

    66. veljko angelovski

      thank you balding electric man!

    67. チュimoc

      In geni eer.

    68. Francis McIntosh

      Watching this channel is like watching Jackass with a lesson on electrical engineering.

    69. Pratham Jain

      6:17 was the funniest part 😂🤣

    70. jorge chavez

      Can you heat water with this ?

    71. Slow game cube Music

      Yea this shit big brain

    72. Thomas Y Setiadi

      Sir can you make a video of how motor can hold 220v or 12v dc

    73. PN Studios

      Without safety features

    74. SPECKTRE

      Mehdi, put the raycon earbuds in the induction heater

    75. Luke Kuethe

      Anyone realize how many times he said sweetch

    76. Amit Bajpai

      7:47 where will we put the induction coil?😕😕

    77. Blender Sovann

      Can you make airport

    78. Spam Can

      Wait, is this how the turn signal in a car works?

    79. Pasquale Paldino

      Can you advice me some book about electric engineering etc? By the way compliment and thanks 4 your job

    80. Josh Difulvio

      It’s funny how he knows what he’s doing but he teaches us with pain

    81. Abir Ghosh

      Could you please share the file of the simulation? I tried making it but it is showing some "singular Matrix" error.

    82. Amartya Mishra

      They taught us LTSPICE in our labs in college, 12 x 4 hr lab sessions. Naturally, I copied and passed and now learnt more about how to use the software than i did in those labs + the exam.

    83. Flo 101

      "Check your Wires!", thats the "Check yo staging" of the Electrician.

    84. ٌّ ٌّ ٌّ ٌّ ٌّ ٌّ

      I dislike the fact you always seem to put others down for simple things and then say stupid stuff like resistor divider and not voltage divider.... are you chopping up resistors? ;->

    85. John Poiuz

      Ow crap... It didn't blow up. What a shocker, it's just a light :) nice overreaction to the bistabil circuit

    86. Bycold

      A minute of silence for those who still don't know this channel.

    87. Qing on WOTB

      If this was our science teacher. School is more fun

    88. Ahmed Sakr

      3:49 I'm dying lol

    89. The Puzzlax

      Hey, you finally got that cloning machine to work! Also, I’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty, please call (****) ****-****** to resolve this issue.

    90. Muthu kumar

      Can please share the LTSpice current version link

    91. divyadeenu

      11:03. Me: *Hears bone cracking sounds ME: OMG DID MEHDI JUST CRACK HIS BONE? My friend watching this video: No I think the coil cracked its bone a bit 😂😂😂

    92. divyadeenu


    93. vethum gamage

      Mr electroboom has a twin

    94. Neovo903

      My brain is already fried, and I haven't even licked a 9 volt battery yet

    95. Yehuda Avitan

      Just bought the raycons cant wait!

    96. Thunder Knight

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    98. Leonel Barrientos

      Advance reactions hahaahha nice

    99. مصطفي سامح


    100. Uldis Barbans

      Are we just going to ignore the freewheeling/flyback puns at 5:48?