Building an Electric Magic Wand to Celebrate 4 MILLION SUBS


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    By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
    0:00 Introduction and Celebration!
    1:01 Design of the wand and its handle
    3:30 ZVS circuit design and build
    8:16 Voltage multiplier circuit design and build
    11:36 Putting ZVS and Multiplier together
    15:59 THE WAND and testing it!
    18:59 GIVEAWAY TIME!

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    1. ElectroBOOM

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      1. Jagdish Padhu


      2. Jagdish Padhu

        I've watched your whole video and subscribe, can I get a multimeter?

      3. Ian JJ

        You are one of the funniest RScamerars I know iv benn watching you for awhile but now I can actually subscribe and I'm so happy I can subscribe to you congrats on over now 4 mill subs

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    16. Psiloxylo

      And now for something totally different: I think that I invented a new Sinusgenerator without drifting of output voltage while tuning it with a Stereopoti. I never saw this possibility in books or the internet befor. It consists of two all-pass filters, one as highpass, the other lowpass with the same frequency. The amplitude stability is produced by just two antiparallel diodes parallel to one of the two feedback resistors. The filter passes only allow sinus waves. The feedback of the chosen allpass-filter should be tuned for one time, just to achieve a beautiful sinus wave. Is this worth an oszilloskope?

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      You’re so hilarious 😂 😆🤣

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    44. Static FL


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      He never actually hurts himself, besides an occasional mild shock, and constantly maintains his own safety. The only difference is that his pain is simulated in his projects while others who try the madness may experience the full, painful blow.

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