Charging Phone DANGEROUS?! ElectroBOOM Crew EXPOSED!!! (LATITY-004)


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    By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
    0:00 LATITY
    3:26 Can Charging Phone Radiations Hurt???
    8:45 LATITY
    9:43 Drawing with Audio Signals on Oscilloscope
    10:58 ElectroBOOM Crew Exposed!!!

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    1. CYRUS

      مثل همیشه فوق العاده ای آقا مهدی

    2. mospidas

      8:58 it's all fun and games until some kid try it at home

    3. Ron Thunderr

      The greenscreen demonstration killed me 😂😂😂

    4. Michał Książek

      12:37 I this is my mom

    5. TheZotmeister

      I mean, _of course_ he doesn't have any other crew. Who would want to work with this unchained lightning bolt? His channel's doing well, but I doubt he could cover insurance for anyone else, much less salary.

    6. veljko angelovski

      man such a big crew!!

    7. samir roka

      if there is 220 volt and there is 500 milliamp will i get killed

    8. Deepak Deepzz


    9. Cherry's DIY

      Well, I have finally got an answer as to how my voltage detector was beeping around my coax lines! I have an amplified antenna and of course the electromagnetic fields it generates influence things.

    10. Rogério Pazetto

      9:26 100W, not 1000W

    11. FUG Slayer Nominee

      I come here whenever i feel stressed out😂

    12. S Raja


    13. TheGamerProRoblox124

      7:53 noticed that his phone is charged

    14. Joe Musya

      Electro boom never disappoints : )

    15. N

      From 10min-11min you may have solved the mystery of how the Vatican created the shroud of Turin

    16. Eduardo Arellano

      "not tested on wife and daughter" disclaimer needed from now on

    17. Guss Gaming

      Do you own a Samsung galaxy note 5?

    18. Fire View


    19. 100k DART

      Many put some pants on👖

    20. Manjur Alam


    21. Robot A I

      If your phone is 5% battery, a timer starts for the amount of seconds it takes to get from 5% to 0% and if it hits 0% the phone blows up

    22. Azha F

      11:08 I cannot stop laughing at this seamless bit 11:45 Oh God🤣 11:59 please stopp😂😂 12:06 just pleaseeee

    23. TheWondersofScience

      Hey! What is the ringtone name, I want to download it. Please

    24. Char Smith

      I have never heard someone describe all of it in such an angry voice



    26. Electric Sparrow

      plot twist in the ad, the vpn guys hacked todd guy to show people can hack without his permission

    27. Yovi Morales Morales

      Am I the only one who would kill for a Medhi’s Draw my Life video? Please make this happen!!!

    28. Cryo Gami

      Just outta curiosity, if your ElectroBoom and your daughter is Electrocute, what is your wife?

      1. Lisa E

        Electro wife

    29. KGFTW

      No one cares, but I actually made his beatboxing section my ringtone for a few months. I had a few weird looks and a couple smiles/laughs.

    30. Windows XP

      Ma mizanim like ro We hit the like button

    31. Anonymous User

      The only guy, whose sponsor part isn't skipped by me 😂

    32. Brad Haines

      merch marketing manager is the best one, for sure

    33. Adipocere

      "Plugging your phone in and talking on it is dangerous" so the next logical step is to make the kid hold and talk on it

    34. Zohaib Javed

      I wish you were my teacher or at least RScamera was there when I was going to school such a fun way to learn with you.

    35. Kinang Eagle

      Its only going to be a matter of time before Mehdi clicks on a free energy vid and gets rick rolled

    36. iDog Tech X

      1:20 lol a beat

    37. real life noob

      I don't understand half of what this dude is saying. but it's still a good video.

    38. 24K gold plated banana award

    39. FakeFredy 12

      Uhhhh who notice that he use his digital watch its mean the battery have a Electric that why his body have a elektrik

    40. Farhan Ishraq

      11:03 *Davie504 approves*

    41. Parth Chauhan

      Lwiay of elecrtoboom

    42. Jose Mejia

      Boring RScamera video so boring no one watch this crap

    43. Just Another Avrage Kid

      I thought u said my imaginary rem cuz it looks exactly like you

    44. Greenify

      idk why but i thinl he i more interesting more than my teacher


      A moja a

    46. Ollie Cat

      So you have like, 10 brothers that help you make videos

    47. Im David

      My schoolmate tell me he gets a shock from his phone when chargin and calling at the same time he tells he dropped the phone btw the phone was fully metal

    48. TofuNet

      mom : (saw child play with phone while charging) that one child :

    49. Garfish

      Please note, some cheap, shitty direct from China USB chargers are NOT safe. People have been killed by mains getting onto the USB shield and electrocuting them.

    50. Aditya Thakur

      Don't charge your phone while you're talking on it if you have a note 7

    51. Bishtuku

      I just made the fastest phone charging metod rscamera.infofav-GeKBujY?feature=share

    52. Steve 20 🦈

      Damm I’m wondering how you made all those clones!!

    53. TobbyHappy


    54. Akshat Srivastava

      Loved it👍

    55. Starfire 213

      This wand is too powerful for anyone to use, even it's creator

    56. Mike Quanta

      Thanks for your existence.

    57. the sharkwarrior856

      Does electricity give wisdom cus he has sum wisdom and he has also been electruted many tames

    58. Laughter Therapy

      Not enough electrocution disaster today.... I'm very upset...🙁

    59. Amin AbbasZadeh

      Zadam Liko !

    60. Anubis God of the Dead

      6:40 yes completely floating "Sits in a Chair"

    61. Dennis Waweru


    62. Artimus Protensor

      So to see if I understand: talking on the cell phone while charging may or may not cause some electrical current to run through my body, and if it does, it will... Dun-dun-dunnnnnn.... Do *absolutely nothing*. Does that sound about right?

    63. Diyan A

      Did He Say "SLAP LIKE?!" 11:01

    64. Rose Waters

      Your team is great! They sure work hard having done well in each of their roles simultaneously. 😄

    65. Kenzo Tenma

      9:41 Hey Boom, do you recognize that character, if not, I highly recommend you watching that series, its called Great Teacher Onizuka, it'll have you rolling good!

    66. Astha Mishra

      Which country are you from electro boom?

    67. Alex Homer

      I want the ringtone plz


      I was watching this vedio while in charging

    69. MM Photo Booth Bahrain

      this man gets zapped alot that a tazer is a baby to him

    70. ✠ Dravid zwezda ✠

      1:39 REPLY BUTTON

    71. ✠ Dravid zwezda ✠

      is this guy armenian ?

    72. Ionization Elevators

      If i ever dismantle a microwave oven ima keep the capacitor and transformer on a shelf and never use them and ima use the control panel to do some cool stuff

    73. Miles R

      I still think “Zap like” is more fitting

    74. Mario Liulión

      I'm starting to believe that Mehdi doesn't sleep

    75. Khubaib raza sheikh

      You are so hot

    76. kasra ghasemi


    77. Ethribin

      "People dont understand what is dangerous" Fact!

    78. 16- Akash

      The camera man looks more handsome than Mehdi. Mean while: Don't know weather it hurts a lot for him😂😂

    79. DriftProYTSF

      1:53 where do i get this rigntone? I NEEEED IT



    81. Neptune

      I bet y’all are watching this while charging your phone

    82. Ali H56

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    83. Tech i GAMING

      Your crew is good

    84. LINK

      12:11 the social mehdi(a) manager

    85. StarLightGalaxyGaming

      i love this mans videos there so cool


      You earned a sub sir!! your videos very informative!! Love from India 🇮🇳

    87. 13tamales later

      Wife is very pretty, did you met her after you became famous or did you save her life or something ..?

    88. Antonio Jose C Magtanong

      This is the guy we need to fight anti-vaxxers

    89. Bouslama Karim

      So cool Mehdi. Greetings from Tunisia. Are you from Egypt or anywhere in North Africa too?

    90. Payam Sanei

      Zadam Liko 😂😍

    91. Alleclypse UPRISING

      I truly love and appreciate that you are a one man crew w/ help from your lovely family mehdi. I’m a small RScamera channel, but I also make my own edits, I upload them from my phone or console, and I even create the thumbnails too! It’s such hard work for one person to keep it up for the wonderful people watching your content. I’ve realized that lol anyway, so glad I subbed to you😇😇😇😇 Please don’t stop being awesome 🤩

    92. sean sullivan

      What a lovely family. Love ya Boom.

    93. ImDerpyMelon :P

      Is it just me or is the video cropped

    94. Tiviruvaa

      Who wants to boom ringtone

    95. Sean Kamran Rowshandel

      America is in Spheres Of Influence

    96. smolkafilip

      The kid is better at being safe with the microwave oven transformer than Mehdi though...

    97. Kimberley Warren

      I felt really sorry for the editing guy, he looked really sad when you told him to do better 🤣

    98. Freddy Kruger

      The today lesson is: tiktok is 99% bullshit.

    99. Rejeß

      Your imaginary friend... Mehdi go get your pills!