How Network Nodes Communicate


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    Aren't you happy you can't actually hear you router and modem talk millions of times a second like this?!!! This is originally from: . GO WATCH THE WHOLE THING... if you haven't already

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    1. Brian

      Kinda accurate

    2. Papa canfly

      Perfect tcp explanation



    4. Jimmy Kelly


    5. Darwin Barrun

      Hey medhi. I suggest to perform experiment on an ELECTRIC EEL.

    6. Design Art

      This is litteraly UDP protocol in slow motion :')

    7. Wavy Lord

      Gaijin whenever you are in a match and you have been flanking and ammo racking tigers und panthers

    8. Jason A

      Don`t forget each node has to keep updating its SOH, "I am here"

    9. Kapil Amonkar

      This is the best explanation I have ever come across... 😃

    10. Raghav dhiman

      Haha packet delivery in right way

    11. Tucson Rides

      They have cox and comcast in Canada eh?

    12. DeeJayLovehunter

      Read my pockets using UV light tube and we're ok.

    13. octapus2

      As working at a telecom company, 100% accurate

    14. Pastel

      _Monetized silence_

    15. Bence Nagy


    16. idk

      Dude i cant stop laughing

    17. Barry Compton

      Love it thank you. I would like to use this for educating people in tcp. Brilliant. Do you do one for udp?

    18. syrka82

      That's one of the best videos ever seen 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    19. Jrob memulous

      packet loss was one 50 and i was only person on the wifi

    20. TrasherBiner

      That's TCP ,in UDP is "here's 10 thousand packets, I don't care if you got them or not".

    21. Jo Kah

      In laymans terms, this is pretty acurate.

    22. Shamshad Ahmed

      Just finished computer networks in college and yt recommend this Glad I was able to relate 😂

    23. anubhav nigam

      I would love to see ElectroBOOM demonstrate OFDMA and TCH congestion 😂😂😂

    24. Sparky McSparksworth

      short answer UDP and TCP

    25. Murray Martin

      To think that is just 2 devices talking. Now multiply it by the number of computers you have in your business. Double it. Now have them all talk to eachother at once, and put it in your smallest board room. This is why your network infrastructure is critical to your business. The fact that it works at all in many places is a testament to the people who conceived the parts that make it happen. The sheer strength of will your IT team goes through to keep the lights on.

    26. LaroTayoGaming

      "Accurate representation of TCP." 2021, colorized

    27. Harold Phoenix

      Purely TCP madness... UDP be like.. shhhhh.. ( I dont care)

    28. Ludwig van Beethoven

      The three-way handshake be like: SYN SYN ACK WHAT??

    29. InTreGo GT

      okae lets simplify what i knoe •-------~~~~~ • Without •--------°----------• With Node

    30. kholil kira

      Me: how internet work Elektroboom :--

    31. Victor Conrad

      Lmao I’m dead 😵

    32. Brian Wind Grøndahl


    33. Tah LenRi

      I've watched this a dozen times now and I'm still laughing 🤣

    34. TommyBoyZ

      While they were yelling at each other, I'm getting to enjoy the nature out my backyard for the first in a week

    35. Volt Kaiju

      Lol They became noisy neighbors for a long time

    36. GiGaHarrySfotter

      XD ahahaha

    37. LeFun MeNow

      POV: Me in my elementary when teacher wants us to pass the test papers down the row.

    38. Blubus

      I was going to make a Smash Bros "A communication error has occurred" joke but Electroboom didn't speak UDP :-(

    39. Brian Tenney

      I want to see the UDP version of this.

    40. Tamal T

      ok ok ,, now gimme a scope !!!!

    41. King Chaos Bendy Of The Chaos Robots

      0:33 Mehdi: Oh, You Hear That One Eh?! Here! Take This Package! Mehdi 2: Thanks! (Looks In The Box) WHY THE F**K IS THIS PACKAGE EMPTY?! 0:38

    42. Pip dog

      U earned a sub!!!

    43. Green Diamond


    44. Carlynz

      Rocket League servers in a nutshell

    45. James Anderson

      I just found him in the GIF section on Microsoft Teams!!!!

    46. Sayan Dasgupta

      I need a DDos Attack Visualization.

    47. Blood-Rage-Gamer

      Pure Gold Comedy

    48. Hiruda Sanguinen

      i laughed so hard, i then shared it with my friends, they dint understand........ so the information was lost after the package was received..... i might actualy be in hell

    49. Jayden Tomas

      How is this guy still alive

    50. Jull Elle

      Take my packet

    51. Trx90vito


    52. DANEDAVE malonzo

      WI FI Plugs in With Aluminum foil

    53. DANEDAVE malonzo

      What if you shock The Shit out of you

    54. ᴍᴀᴅ ?

      How do I change a dryer prong from 3 to 4

    55. Abt1n3

      For an persian speaker, I laughed hard in this short

    56. Ravenship

      How plugged charger waste energy , why did it not become open circuit with potential difference? When phone battery is full them charger is on , then it should become open circuit. So why energy loss?

    57. Uma Patel

      Hey please apload a video it's to delay

    58. Randon

      Make a light bulb

    59. Harry Cave

      Hey electro boom have a look at the sun cable project that is to power Singapore using a giant high voltage dc under sea cable from solar farms in Australia

    60. ToxicBoy Does Things

      یه سمعک بزن😂

    61. George Ramirez

      being a man in the know, what do you think of lightning dissipators, they are usually placed on top of cellular towers or high standing structures, I was wondering is they work since I have seen them placed on top of boat mast, and I was thinking of buying a boat, what do you think?

    62. Darren Green

      When you going to do a new video. I love your videos. So come on let's gew going.

    63. Samarth Pawar xth A 62

      Please make a voltage booster for multiple power supply and like your ideas and videos

    64. Enderman 👻

      Where are you ??

    65. Moon_Matthew _

      Mehdi dont age restrict your Videos please! I cant watch them!!

    66. Moon_Matthew _

      Mehdi dont age restrict your Videos please! I cant watch them!!

    67. meep meep

      My ears.

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    69. Dr. Aniket

      Will You please Rectify this one: ' . . This One is claiming that he can easily handle 11,000V through his body.

    70. Victor Unbea


    71. Shaikh Saad

      Medhi please upload another video i am waiting for a new video please please please!!!!!

    72. murillo

      +1 subscriber, and im from brazil :D

    73. T A R S

      Packet Loss is just the worse

    74. Ariel Livshits

      I sent this short to my Computer Networks lecturer, and now the entire EE faculty professors have seen it on their whatsapp group chat 😂😂

    75. Ali Masoudi

      داداش کاش حداقل زیرنویس فارسی میزاشتی ماهم میتونستیم ببینیم

    76. Arthur Robinson IV

      I'm crying

    77. ryan lan

      They can't hear each other and there's too many packages

    78. The Reaper

      This is great.

    79. hilou 2000





      Oops here and from Brazil and I just wanted to say something you are extremely crazy and funny at the same time

    82. Classified Person

      Meanwhile UDP : Here is package I don't care if you get it or not.

    83. Neo Leaf

      Where is the next video

    84. Trevin's Hobbies

      Thank you electro boom, you are the reason I was able to pass my Network Admin program.

    85. Mrvo

      The neighbors be like: "what in the-" HERES ANOTHER ONE!!!

    86. Andrew Scharbarth

      This video pretty much perfectly describes ft8


      Your persian ??


      ایرانی هستی داداش ؟؟ 😄

    89. Garish Bansal

      We need new arc video photonic induction just made a powerfull arc with his transformers

    90. Yuka [GD]

      It's not package for guys it's Packet

    91. Morlanius

      This is literally FTP over dialup. Carolyn Meinel would ben pleased with this description of TCP. Challenge: Do another one as UDP, maybe involving a tennis ball machine.

    92. ختراعات وتعليم مفيده تصليح وتعليم

      حلو الله يحفضك

    93. Jahus

      Best RScamera short ever.

    94. Arcahv

      EA servers in a nutshell

    95. Are Man

      That moment when I play online games while downloading an 9gb file.

    96. davey dave85

      Electroboom looks like garry kasparov

    97. Balaram Chillagundla

      How to make a Tesla coil please🙏 tell me

    98. Genolide Ohix

      Electroboom: I am the only one who holds the title of professional dumbass fake video makers: Allow us to introduce ourselves

    99. Bizmmuth

      ElectroBoom is smart but doesn't use his comments sense lol

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