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Internet Speed Boosting with Foil? Power Through WATER?! LATITY006


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    1. ElectroBOOM

      Hey y'all! I went through my old videos and found out I also looked at WiFi boosting foil'ish thingy in my old video: I was worried I might be contradicting myself! But after checking, in the old fake video they claimed putting a cut can around the antenna boosts WiFi all around, which is untrue. It only focuses in one direction like I mention in both videos. So... GOOD! I think I'm saying the same thing!

      1. C DRIVE

        Mehdi, I stumbled on this ( ) and thought of you immediately! Even if he was able to convince me that there was a scientific explanation he lost me when he threw psycho-telekinesis into the mix! Wakodahatchee Chris

      2. biswajit suklabaidya

        How it's done rscamera.infozCKk7HiKdko?feature=share


        Hey mehdi. Can you make another video of 2021? And have you ever watch Godzilla vs kong yet?

      4. Rinomatic

        Ok BOOMers, if you have questions with quality, post it on our subreddit, no matter your entity, I may (or may not) check it in the next episode of LAAA-TIIII-TYYYYYYYY Ps. Love this intro

      5. Troy Martin

        Do you by any chance have an ocoliscope

    2. Amir Am

      داداش ایرانی 😁🤞🖤

    3. Little Lotus

      Why is it age restricted

    4. M&M Mathers

      "professional dumbass" ❤️❤️❤️

    5. Nathan Lee

      The packet loss part i thoroughly enjoyed. Lol

    6. Trio Jumpers

      me: connects to a wifi network that's at least 15 meters away (idk how much in feet xd) the wifi: 3:01

    7. RedOrchidee137

      this new youtube age restriction thing is ridiculous. if any other service were to go to this level of personal data collection it would instantly be suspected phishing.

      1. JoseLgamer

        100% agree with you

    8. Khaled alenezi

      Hey I love your vids and I support you

    9. The_Curry_Man

      I’m worried this guys going to burn his house down

    10. Рушан

      Хахахах ПутинБабушка69

    11. Anime Official

      verify your age shit i hate it help me get rid of it


      no need if water from wall was electrified then it would shocked on contact in the ground

    13. Toward Aawareness Madhuraj

      You are superhuman

    14. jim bob

      3:04 my braincells at peak preformance

    15. Paradox Edge

      I probably *should* do that aluminium foil thing because I literally never move my computer and I only ever exist in my living room. Which is in a single direction based on the location of my wifi router. Then again I'm already getting 35mb/s (No I did not typo) already and the contract is for 500mbit for both upload and download so. Eh.

    16. Sindhu Pripamungkas

      why is this inappropriate

    17. 🔥flin and walter💧

      Imagine being the neighbors of this guy and hear screams everywhere

    18. 🔥flin and walter💧

      Imagine being the neighbors of this guy and hear screams everywhere

    19. kaiCast

      I fancy myself a semi-professional dumbass, tyvm

    20. kaiCast

      this channel is the definition of chaotic good

    21. Hồng Minh Lê

      It's so joyful and useful :)))

    22. Kevin Luo

      Age restricted?

    23. Harsh Sharma p.


    24. Vedant Madarkar

      Imagine his electric bill 😆😆

    25. Ty Ward

      Best skit ever

    26. nem tudom

      Okay, the part about the packet delivery was so hilarious!

    27. Guy on a Moose’s Rc Adventures

      Highest quality RScamera

    28. Kilo

      no safety gear? the guy on the wire is clearly wearing a harness which is tied off to the wire with a fall protection line

    29. Hazem Ammar

      my favorite part 0:07

    30. hilmi dwiputranto

      3:33 when youtube ad rolls in

    31. czSoundEvening538

      why i must on thys video verify eyars ?

    32. Raien belghiti

      Boom ok boomboom

    33. Daniel Kavanagh

      7:45 well you can’t say you didn’t melt some metal lol

    34. Babalonkie

      "UK plugs would probably save me here"... UK plugs are designed to *slightly* lower the risk of injury to children... they are not Mehdi proof...

    35. Mohsen Mesbah

      Nice job Mehdi! I love the humor and I have to say you are a great educator! even I, as a professional electrical engineer find the content very useful. Keep up the good work man!

    36. AverageJoe

      He whipped the white board out for the tin foil post. That’s triple karma

    37. Jashif Ibrahim

      2:04 that cloud kinda look like a brain

    38. Jashif Ibrahim

      0:42 such a nice man😇👍

    39. Captai Awesome

      2:57 As someone who works in IT and is trying to push my company for wired connections over connecting everything over our $80 Netgear WiFi router, this is gold.

    40. blackhawks81H

      Pangolins are just armadillos with off-road tread.

    41. blackhawks81H

      Listen... I lived in the UK for a few years... And I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that anything you gain in electrocution safety, is absolutely not worth it the second you step on one of those damn plugs, on the floor, upturned, at 3am in the dark. It makes LEGOs feel like memory foam insoles.

    42. Rogério Pazetto

      We can't see the full wire, so i suppose that one wire turns on a transistor and the other one is in series with the transistor going to the source. Totally fake...

    43. Vidly von Kompost

      Age restricted? Did you forget to use the bleeping button? :) How am i supposed to watch it now? My mom wont let me if its age restricted...

    44. ABB

      12:32 when the furnace in the basement starts growling at you.

    45. Johnny Peso

      Jesus Mohammed Christ/Prophet, I laughed my fucking ass off to this. Damn fine vid brother.

    46. SovanDai

      Why is this video labeled inappropriate for some users?

    47. Craftsman487

      I’d like to see if different frequencies of sound can effect the functionality of a quartz oscillator clock in an integrated circuit.

    48. Perumal Umasekar

      Sir, can you clarify the truth behind water drowsing using coconut/stick. And working of electrode water drowsing method.

    49. Ashith Bharadwaj

      Mehdi please do a video about tank circuit

    50. Tejas Kulkarni

      What is the point behind making this video age restricted?? ☹️

    51. 7piecebucket

      Haha! I love the diagram at 2:04. The stick figure in the computer has a unibrow and little hairs sticking out of his head. He looks vaguely familiar for some reason. 🤔

    52. tpazitka

      Mehdi! I can't understand the accent

    53. Hiruda Sanguinen

      i cannot watch this becouse google wants an copy of my credit card or ID (verify your age..... ye...NOPE!!)

    54. ŜŇỖŴ ƤǗƤĞ

      شكلك مصري جداا 😂😂

    55. Nanowatt

      Why TF is this age restricted, it's better than 90% of youtube's content

    56. Hikari Tanaka


    57. N e x u s XD

      very good intro

    58. mohammed , KSA

      8:03 بطني 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. the best from everything

        8:03 lol

    59. jhosein58

      سلام 😐

    60. Malsett Selver

      Someone should send this to mehdi rscamera.infoTN9b0vroHYQ?feature=share

    61. James carpenter

      You make me a good at eltriic

    62. Juan Pablo GZ

      Jajaja awesome

    63. Preetham telugu gamer

      hey electro boom do fire gun

    64. Loki Laufeyson

      why is this age restricted tho


      Boom, the Kirchhoff,s law meme photo was taken from Bangladesh.🤣🤣🤣

    66. Kurt Ger

      what if The Rectifier had a sidekick called the arc-angel

    67. VS96 Channel - Vasu Srini 96

      Most importantly, don’t get manipulated by evildoers of the 🌍. They might torture you if you create such scary things (real shocks). I believe there will be true future of RScamera, during pandemic. Hurry up and check your tweets.

    68. VS96 Channel - Vasu Srini 96

      To all viewers of his channel, I’ll be the judge on making his channel properly, so that viewers can laugh, but not with his real blasts. Mr. Mehdi, it’s up to you, that you edit videos with some funny sound effects. I hope it’ll work as I predict it, definitely.

    69. VS96 Channel - Vasu Srini 96

      My big brother, RScamera says - “how long will you entertain your viewers with your electrocution?” It also says about its restrictions also. Can you send a message? Make sure that your videos are made not only to let them entertain, but also educate them properly. (I’m a good friend of you, so no problem for me.)

    70. Bionic FTM PROSTHETICS

      Please make a plasma candle

    71. Georgy Farniev

      Mehdi, how’s your brain after the toxic fumes from melting cable isolation?

    72. Vũ Bảo

      1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 like

    73. Fionn O'Brien

      @ElectroBOOM hello i have to questions for you I've been meaning to ask. I have a boat running a 12v system 1) would it be ok to use 250v 32mm glass cartridge fuses on a 12v circuit 2) I have a bilge pump and a float switch. On the float switch it says 12v 20amp max and on the bilge pump it says 3.5amp draw. I was wondering what amp fuse do i use in the bilge pump control panel. Thanks

    74. Guilt Guitarist

      Mehdi you doing good??

    75. Maroeel


    76. Maicol-chan

      How is age-restricted?!

    77. Miguel Antonio Campo

      Keep uploading im want to be Happy. From Philippines 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

    78. MasterFeiFongWong

      This may be off topic, but someone might find it interesting. Over unity electric generator. By AMA. Segment 1: 1 motor with bar connected to it standing vertically. Circular disc connected to bar that has magnets embedded in it surrounded in high permeability material to focus magnets outward pushing force in an upwards direction from top of disc. Segment 2: Hollowed out cylindrical Bar of material horizontally positioned. Flat hollowed out ring shaped material with openings around its outer top flat edge. Magnets surrounded in high permeability material embedded in these openings. Magnets positioned in openings around ring are in at least 1 of 2 configurations either all N magnetic field pushing out or N,S,N,S all around it. Just depends on whether your going for Piston structure or spinning structure explained below & whether you want it to be DC or AC current. Place these all along the cylindrical bar connected to it solidly, except at far ends of bar. At both ends of bar place ring of material that can be magnetically repelled in specific locations. (magnetically repelled in specific location is in reference to outside of ring area that faces away from center of bar)(Other side of same ring facing in towards center of bar is capable of being magnetically repelled all around) Ring must be connected solidly to bar. points of repulsion on these rings is off set from each other on each end of bar. 3 Hollow ring structures with small square bars protruding from each. Ring structure has all magnetic repulsion on inside of ring shape & can rap around the main bar so that the bar wont be causing friction on things as it moves back and forth or spins. 1st positioned around far left of bar, 2nd position at center of bar (be sure to leave enough room for magnetic structures to be able to move back and forth without hitting it) & 3rd positioned on far right of bar. Tube structure is constructed in two parts that fit together on top of each other length wise over main structure. Tube structure has 3 square openings for the bars that the Ring structures that are connected around the main bar keeping it from causing friction on structure, to slide into. This tube structure is designed with material that does not block magnetic fields. Perhaps some type of transparent material glass or other. At both ends of the tube structure there is a built in circular groove that will house a round disc. The ceiling/floor/left side/& right side of groove has openings for small magnets to be embedded in it, so that the pushing force from magnets is pushing in towards the edge of disc that goes in this spot. There is also 4 openings located on the top, bottom, left & right positions of the open groove. Small magnets are placed in these spots so when round disc is in position these magnetic fields will hit sideways keeping it from generating friction against structure. Far Ends of bar has Cap structure that screws over tube halves holding them together. Cap structure also has 4 points on inside top, bottom, left & right that have openings. These openings have small embedded magnets in them that exert there pushing force outwards (sideways) so it will keep disc in position, generating no friction against structure. Cap is made of material like tube so it does not block magnetic fields. (Note: These magnets in groove and cap structure are only needed for piston design. If Disc is directly connected to main bar so as it spins the bar spins, magnets are not needed here). The disc has ring around it (ring of material goes around outer edge and folds over front side & backside a small distance) that is repelled by magnetic fields so the 12 small magnets will keep it lined up but it will be able to spin without causing friction on structure. The disc has openings on it's flat side that face inside of tube and magnets surrounded in high permeability material are embedded in this disc. The disc has small bar that is connected to it's center that goes all the way to the other end of bar structure through the center of the hollowed out bar and connects to disc on other end. Disc on other end is set up the same but magnets embedded in it are off set in comparison. As first disc spins the magnetic fields will push against specific spot on disc connected directly to bar, pushing bar in other direction, once bar is fully pushed over, further spinning of disc will then align the other sides magnet to push it back. Tube structure also has half moon shaped protrusion on inside and on both halves so when tube is connected they line up to make a full ring shape on inside of tube, these half moon shaped protrusions have at least 1 small round opening on it's side in middle of curve that faces away from center of bar. The opening has a small magnet embedded in it so magnetic force is repelling out sideways away from center of bar. The protruding ring is positioned to line up slightly further in towards center of bar then the ring of magnetically repelled material connected directly to bar. This way when bar moves right or left it is magnetically stopped after a short distance. Copper coil setup: Copper coils are wound in at least 1 of 2 ways. Either coiled in circles next to each other (Like if you wound coils around a cylindrical bar) or laid out in a row as if wire was on flat table going up then bent to go down & back up until it formed a flat rectangle of wire bending up and down and then the entire structure folded around tube. Copper windings are then lined up perpendicular to magnetic fields on outside of tube. Ends of copper coils are connected into separate construct that will allow electrical current to flow somewhere else. Circular construct is built like a stand that goes around the outside of motor segment. Circular construct has flat ring of high permeability (magnetic field shielding) material that has small openings that will allow magnetic fields through specific locations. Top of circular construct has groove to allow the horizontal bar to balance on. Circular construct can also be placed on other end of bar so it is balanced. The motor segment is positioned so the disc connected to the bar that is connected to the motor is lined up so the disc passes under the horizontal bars disc that is at end of horizontal bar. The high permeability material keeps the magnetic fields in disc from hitting into the disc that spins or pushes the horizontal bar until just the right moment when the impact will cause the disc in horizontal bar to spin which will perpetuate the piston motion in the horizontal bar. More horizontal bars of the same design are built and positioned around the motor segment in a circular horizontal fashion all the way around. The bar connected to the motor can be increased in length to desired height (As much as motor can handle) and more of the exact same setup is repeated higher and higher up, maximizing the over unity potential of the construct to ridiculous proportions. :D Current from the horizontal bars is diverted to power the motor as needed and all other current is diverted to power my game console or the world. :) Interesting variation to this design would be to connect the spinning discs on far ends of horizontal bar to main bar that magnets are connected to so the magnets spin instead of getting pistoned back and forth. So long as moving magnetic fields are perpendicular to copper wires it should work. By AMA

    79. MasterFeiFongWong

      I have designed what you believe to be impossible. I have designed an over unity electric generator. :) I'll put schematics in next message.

    80. M Electronics

      I'm watching a lot of videos about graphene. Brother, many subscribers. Brother, can you show us something about it? Brother, I have a request for you, brother.

    81. serdar qa

      چجوری تا الان زنده موندی داداش 😘😂😂😂😂😂🤛🤜

    82. jasrizal hairi

      Can you make video about parallel and series transformer

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    84. Sans15

      Age restricted? LOL

    85. Aditya Kun

      Hey is this video got reported by any of the stupids! Because the share option just disappeared,.. Damn it,..

    86. Lord Shidaz

      Suggestion : what would happen if you put a plug adapter on a adapter and so on

    87. Steampunk Astronaut

      6:14 What is the name of the music?

    88. Yuttapong Wongapiwattanakul

      1:36 pause and look at it lol

    89. Muzan Tanjiro

      Hello sir can you make areaction vedio on a child genius prodigy 9 year Old sobornno issac bari

    90. Polaris UKYC

      His neighbours must have loved the screaming packet sketch

    91. Syed Wasif Ahmed

      His videos literally don’t deserve a dislike, always love your content innovation and jokes.

    92. VeronicX 9601

      damn my dog ran away the day this was uploaded

    93. Ultra Pro

      age restricted lol

    94. *IOETER*

      Sadly The Video got Age restricted

    95. Vaibhav Paithankar

      hello sir i am from india 🇮🇳 and i am big fan of yours, i watch everyday your videos,i love your videos for information and learning new tings and I enjoy your videos.

    96. Press X For

      * Smoke alarms go off * Fire department: looks like he’s at it again.

    97. name2

      Inappriate? Where?

    98. ,〞𓆩ٱست يفن 𓆪〝

      اكو عرب لو بس اني اتابع مهدي 🙂🥵💔

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      2. T_ws.m F-_ws.m


    99. Brian Lee

      Mehdi: hah you can't demonitize me RScamera: then we'll age restrict all your videos then Mehdi: shit...

    100. Brian Lee got age restricted