MAGNET IMPLANT Gives You Powers!!! (LATITY-003)


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    Can I implant a MAGNET in my finger and FEEL ELECTRICITY?! Let me check your submissions...

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    By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

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    1. ElectroBOOM

      Hello BOOMers! Some of you talk about how Cody'sLab or "The Thought Emporium " did the magnet implant and it worked. Well I couldn't find Cody's video [found now, read more]. I watched Emporium's video and all it says is how to install it, and how it sticks to metal and potentially can feel electricity. IMHO it is still a pretty useless body mod! So it can attract ferromagnetic stuff, and he doesn't show what current level you can feel with it. I also confirmed you can feel high enough electric current. But it is pretty limited application to stick a foreign object in your body for. If you think it would help you with electric works, IT WON'T! Don't stick magnets in your fingers for SH$%s and giggles!! It can cause bad infections. [edit] Found unlisted @Cody'slab videos thanks to @Dawnflare if you like to watch below. Kind of confirms my experiment, can feel high current or strong magnetic field of transformers. Can't feel wire with low or no current. AND later removed because of infection! Its an old 2014 video, but here it is: He also removed a few months later:

      1. Comah tek

        In Germany every electric outlet is earded and electric securitied with a Fi Sry for my english

      2. Aaron

        if you tamper with your smart meter it connects to the power company via internet/phone and lets them know. these meters all have tamper alarms so even if they can't call out next time someone comes to check your meter(typically they just drive by and it sends it wirelessly to their handset) they're gonna know you tampered with it and it's a major crime.

      3. lee macabre

        You need to do more research. it's a proven magnetofection technique to ensure the payload of mRNA gets distributed throughout the body even past the brain-barrier.

      4. Chicken Man

        Could you bypass the breaker to make the key work

      5. Kanchana Bunplook

        Shut up

    2. Sparrow

      My grandpa used to stick a magnet on the water clock while filling up his pool

    3. SeHaJ aHuJa

      Cody's Lab had a magnetic implant.

    4. christian abimanyu

      10:03 I laughed so hard even though it's not that funny I really don't know 😂😂😂😀

    5. Jason Lin

      I think what they’re talking about with the magnet magnet implant is for lineman that work With powerlines since such powerlines have a high load and a high voltage so that’s what I think but still I don’t know

    6. Jason Lin

      You should really collaborate with Michael reeves. Also there’s like 1 million RScamerars that I feel like I think should collaborate to each other

    7. Siavosh Kasravi

      Skelator voice was amazing.

    8. potato

      0:37 oh my god his sense of humor is legendary

    9. TheMiningTeam

      0:45 you need a double boiler

    10. Murderer2019

      Btw you were stupid in the magnetic vaccine video. It’s true, but it’s strong enough to hold a coin. You should’ve tested that.

    11. someone someone

      Its mostly" hen " i mean anime Me : susssss face activated

    12. Kaka Oaoao

      i love how this teaches me more then school

    13. anytorp

      I watch to charge my phone

    14. Steampunk Astronaut

      0:29 What is the name of the music?

    15. Colonel Panic

      Puts potatoes into Pot Don't run electricity through your food, it can change chemistry Pulls out Christmas goose

    16. Ashes Luxsyhpher

      5:23 Even Mehdi loved the Lasier Martins meme lol

    17. Jack mill

      I will so exactly what you said not to do

    18. Hafizh Nabawi

      5:28 what happen?

    19. Nerfer 69

      11:48 when i game for 10 mins and turn around

    20. PokéComMoner

      6:20 this exact question is there in my physics book. This has become a meme now in my school.

    21. Bŗămłöŗď

      4:38 look like Jacob ladder but horizontal

    22. Syed Ali

      Also watching u from Pakistan xd

    23. Evedoeswarcrimes

      i wonder what his arms feel like

    24. GYD Infinity

      I think you should mess with your power meter to reduce electrical expenses hehe

    25. Jalapeño and Banana Productions

      7:59 I feel like he did

    26. []

      He can make Misaka’s finger firing railgun a reality

    27. Jacob Busuioc

      WOW I fell nothing

    28. marlon o coelho

      5:21 Lol i Am from Brasil and this meme is a guy is saying about Grapes and he took a shock in some way and the reporter was not in shock and said so,whe will back with sports As far as I remember, he didn't die of shock, but it was something else, this scream became a meme here in Brazil. ( if i white something wrong is cuz i dont soo much inglish )

    29. Sash82

      Mehdi: This "stinger" thing is a safety hazard Also Mehdi: Casually creates chlorine gas with electrolysis

    30. Mr. Copper

      man has more subs than philza

    31. Duckman games and stuff

      Make a gun that shock you if you shoot it a a chair

    32. Umut Topuz

      What about the iron dust?

    33. Odd RC Guy

      I remember those mechanical meters. Most of them had nails or something in them to stop the counting xD. I guess there is a reason the entire country was updated with digital meters that are remotely monitored :P.

    34. Luke's Videos

      I love the new intro !!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    35. Doubfulrobin58

      Bruh youtube keeps unsubscribing me people I stopped watching

    36. Alt

      Boneworks force pull but it’s with magnets and it can only suck in metals

    37. Matthew Maldonado

      ok liar

    38. Mohammad Elham

      if you dont suggest it why did you say it 7:08

    39. nosarcasm1

      Free energy is real! 1) Open the wall to reach the neighbors wires. 2) attach one wire to minus, one wire to plus and one wire to ground. 3) Connect this wires to a connector strip. Aka free energy at least for you! So don't make it!

    40. mohsen karimi

      حداقل غیرت داشته باش الکی بد کشورتو نگو

    41. SuperHamSniper

      life hack, use sulfuric acid to blend your food instead of using a bleander. 2:00

    42. Bev


    43. Solder X


    44. xXRoolayXx

      I'm from Pakistan so it kinda makes me happy that you put my country in that area of ExpressVPN!!

    45. Jackie Campbell

      how is this guy still alive?

    46. Rafael Benício

      5:28 is a meme in Brasil

      1. Rafael Benício

        Aiai Jkdkdjdkdjdjddjs

    47. EZES Jack

      Do. Not. Do. That. With. Salt.

    48. No One

      Idk man solar panels seems like free energy device to me

    49. Dio Brando

      ElectroBOOM: *criticizes someone for their stupidity* *Electrocutes himself right after*

    50. Luiz Felipe

      I just put a magnetron turned against the power meter, it did the trick. Now I can't turn the magnetron off. This is the real "free energy".

    51. Aaron von Heimburg

      poor horachoke

    52. Mick Spanner

      IRON. = Aye-urn.

    53. Julian cruz

      No offense why is your arms so hairy

    54. Midhun.D.P

      7.55 villain of he-man

    55. D. Charles Pyle

      "Prison cooking." I actually have a hotdog cooker that cooks hotdogs using 120 volt wall current. Cooks five at a time. They used to sell those things decades ago. Never gave much thought about what it was doing chemically to my food, though. :-)

    56. Breezy Bro

      La titty

    57. Asad Kabir

      r u pakistani?

    58. ChaosAT

      The thing with electric meters and magnets stop them for real

    59. Blue Akash Gaming

      8:37 magnet

    60. GetReadyToBeAGenius

      2:15 if i'm not wrong the water is slowly getting electrolized into oxygen and hydrogen i guess

    61. Jacquie Cotillard

      Oi a lot of innocent people in prison

    62. Arham Ahabab

      what does latity mean ? ?

    63. Mike in Halifax

      Putting a magnet on the power meter was a common activity in my old neighborhood. It slows it right down all right.

    64. Mike Mestnik

    65. Степанов Иван

      "he speaks English so it's not in some Russia" We DON'T have Any electronic in Russia

    66. jalaleddin habibi


    67. 暗中观察

      Hent.... I mean anime 😜

    68. Gustavo Oliveira

      5:25 this is a very famous meme here in brasil, this guy is called lazier martins, it's a journalist, he actually survived that, he tried to touch some grapes but i don't remember exactly what happened, i think it was some problem with the light circuits

    69. Ab teyeb


    70. Abdullah-Al-Mahdi

      I think Mehdi buys polarized capacitors which don't have any silver lining on its negative pole... That's why they are connected wrong and pop up so frequently...

    71. Rafael Reis

      5:30 the guy getting shocked is called Lasier Martins (@lasiermartins), he was a reporter in southern Brazil, now he is a congressman. I got to see that live when I was a child.

    72. insecuresine29

      I get what he was saying about Larry and the stinger but he was giving a recipe and making it the way he did in prison

    73. Matthew Plotkin

      Like the old hacker groups with magnets under the skin of your finger. Magnet has to be coated in a specific material though otherwise it will begin to breakdown and absorb and cause infection.

    74. Matthew Plotkin

      Prison cooking btw. He can’t go out to target and buy a new microwave mate

    75. elvis zanluca

      "Ai, ai." -Lasier Martins, 1996. watch?v=Ku61Yuw4AIk

    76. Tech i GAMING

      It's more like electromeme

    77. anjan bora

      U a Cartoon network 💋


      Hent-- I mean anime 12:06 ohh--- I see what are you watched 😏😏😏

    79. Leandro C

      It’s mether with f sound no meter with t sound. Mehdi said it in one of his videos and I’ve been using it since. Lol. (More so just to prank people and see what they say)

    80. Shazzkid

      Use the ghetto water heater as a double boiler

    81. Stathis Bikos

      however, you "can" cook some food with electrical current. In fact, this is how panko is made

    82. AtomzMakeStuffz

      medhi: ELETRICITY CHANGE FOOD CHEMISTERY LOOK CHUNKS! me: yeah that's salt- community: OMGGGG A FLAT EARTHERRRRR me: -_-

    83. DownFall

      Just so anyone who isn’t aware knows, Larry is an ex Jewelry Thief, and not a petty one either, he used to be the United States most wanted Jewelry Thief. All of his videos about stuff people do in prison is true. (He also helps cops and businesses with preventing thefts.)

    84. captain2212

      7:14 lol

    85. captain2212

      i dont think prisoners care about wierd food

    86. Mimadmax

      (9:50) They had us in the first half, not gonna lie.

    87. mike jones

      I used a Stinger for 7 years and it never made me sick or anyting so I don't believe any of what you were saying

    88. hair✓ ꤶ✅☑️✔✔️

      I feel good you use pakistan name in your videos love from pakistan ❤️.

    89. prity singh

      Ah I see that's what people do here in india to boil the water for taking bath instead they use two razor blades

    90. kayraz patel

      India use to have this type of meter now change to digtial one

    91. Fuhr Tech

      0:21 FALLS

    92. NoPi / 노피

      개웃긴데, 동시에 엄청 도움됨

    93. John Sumner

      I thought about trying to feel electricity with my cochlear implant but I would not risk myself shocking my brain. the cochlear implant is implanted in my head to my hearing nerves in my brain to receive a electrical pulse into sound.

    94. • Vxpor •

      ElctroBOOM : Oh, I should of guessed its mostly henta- I mean anime My mind : What the heck do you watch on your spare time! 😳


      In Pakistan there no limit to what you watch are government is very good on that department 👍

    96. YangyThangy

      2:37 most prisons do have food, but alot of former prisoners have said that its not sustaining enough for an average person

    97. K8KZH Radio Tips And Reviews

      Man meter tampering is illegal man don't do it. Although so is owning a stun gun in Canada.

    98. Tempest Storm

      Dame da ne

    99. Igor

      5:21 this is one of the most classic and funny memes here in Brazil, he was shocked by the grape stand, but didn't die

    100. caizi Blanco

      Levou te diz