Making Super Fast Electrons, Cathode Ray


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    By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

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    1. Steve White

      vacuum + glass chamber + full face polycarbonate visor = safety (see youtube "Will A Scratched Glass Vacuum Chamber Implode?"

    2. master edk

      at 2:48 you can see the arc that is making the soud and you can see it jump

    3. István Szabó

      Doesn't this produce X-Rays as well?


      Try to cook a steak with electricity

    5. Adam Harbach

      Cathode rays are used to make the semiconductors that replace them. Well, not exactly, but very similar. That’s the job of implant…it bombards the silicon with either positively charged compounds or negatively charged ones.

    6. Vedant Madarkar

      Imagine his electric bill 💸💸

    7. Alexbobeffin

      Wow his bones were visible when using the marks generator

    8. zawilious

      make a CO2 laser pleaaaaaseeee

    9. HypeVoid Soul

      I feel in his every video that everytime he turns on something, he is gonna get shocked 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    10. Fernando Antonio Music

      I like how I didn’t even question that Mehdi might have actually exploded when he transitioned to his video sponsor announcement; that’s brand power right there.

    11. Mark Pullan

      09:15 looks like the Mould Effect :o

    12. Cisar Vialpando

      X Ray ?

    13. Cheshieruu

      the science goes over my head, but the pretty lights and funny jokes make my dopamine levels go brrr so i'll sub fr tho, great channel, dunno why i've never seen it before-- edutainment at its finest!

    14. NightGaunt62 Konrad

      Hey Medhi, thanks for sharing so cool videos out there ! All are very comprehensive and funny at the same time ! (I wish I had a teacher like you back in the days before my engineering mechatronics school). It's been a while since you uploaded this video but as you explained it, you say that the cathode ray is producing a wind in atmosphere (due to presence of molecules). So your cathode ray is producing some thrust in atmosphere. So, if in (perfect) vacuum your cathode ray does not procuding thrust because of lack of molecules. But imagine that you could add some gas through the negative pole with some isolated nozzle then you could produce some thrust ! In low gravity and vacuum that makes a tiny ion thruster isn't it ? Well, congratulations Medhi, you have made half a space ion thruster ! Anyway, your videos helped me a lot in my profession in some fields and I'm always pleased when you upload new contents ! :D Cheers from France ;)

    15. FYSIKS

      2:00 for a millisecond I was frightened

    16. Dark Hermit

      You use Silicon to glue Silicon

    17. Atul

      He is crazy scientist

    18. Chance M

      When I am sad I watch you! You are way ahead of us and know how to make us laugh while teaching about what you do! Thank you!

    19. Wind Apart

      Internet is the best place in the world....

    20. billie eyelash


    21. billie eyelash

      the dude is so dumb yet so smart idek how a human manages to be that like hes making all these dangerous mistakes yet hes smart enough to know how to fix them and not get traumatized jsjdsjdsjsj

    22. James Anthony Tomlinson

      Hmm, can one use this technology to make a true bladeless fan?

    23. sick1982

      Aren't electrons always traveling at the speed of light? :x

    24. Varadvinayak mirkute

      comedy explanation but good job

    25. Verruca

      To get free electrons you need a REALLY, REALLY good vacuum. A bell-jar and a simple rotary pump won't cut it. You need to get below 10E-4mb. All you'll get is fast ions from the residual air with that simple setup. Trouble is, if you manage to do it, you'll start to generate X-rays... Not good.

    26. hossein kasaaian

      you could no see electrons and you needed a phosphorescence plate

    27. David Bak skaarup


    28. Raqha

      12:07 the glass dome Stresses me so much

    29. Mazen Habib

      Him*We need a high Voltage supply... Heavy breathing*

    30. memey pasta

      faliure is step for success this guy proved

    31. Ryan Heath

      Question. How bad are the risks of X-Ray exposure from CRTs (to include the exposure in this neat model)?

    32. Jagdish Patil

      Bang bang

    33. Matthew Rowles

      Watch out for X-ray emission! With aluminium you're probably done. Iron, probably need to check.

    34. divyadeenu

      If mehdi made a game of electronics: There is 1 Mehdi among us There is 1 zvs circuit sheriff among us

    35. Mr Self

      Electroboom, the everyday revenant.

    36. Arshad Mahmud

      just join

    37. Bahaul Fahmi Al Haq

      Please make neutron gun

    38. Rico Suave

      I love this guy, educational and always makes me laugh

    39. divyadeenu

      3:22 I didn't know balloons can fill electricity 😂😂😂😂

    40. Aiden Brown

      Can you make the marx generator about 4 times longer lol

    41. hot meme 1995

      "I'm sure they have uses in labs or niche applications" *cries in retro gamer*

    42. ExToS Shady

      Is this how the iron man thruster are possible ???

    43. Lhun

      Mehdi actually created x rays there, a not insignificant amount, actually. But due to the angle he probably fired them mostly backwards and into the glass and all over. To make a large amount of xrays, he would have to make the anode out of different materials, like tungsten or silver. Then, you would spin the anode on a stator to distribute the heat since that's what you mostly get. Ionizing radiation is dangerous, use a lead shield. Proper xray machines actually use an aluminum or whatever filter to get rid of the low energy photons since they add to your radiative dose of X-rays but are not high energy enough to really expose a photograph of your gutz and bones, only the crazy high energy ones are useful.

    44. Amit Bajpai

      I think you should have a bigger hole and thinner iron frame of that anode Just replace the washer with same circumference but digger hole

    45. Gerret Bertram

      You need a negativ charged cylinder to focus the elektrons into the middel of the hole in the anode.

    46. Sebicraft

      the most subs from him are just subbed cuz he makes funny memes man -


      You should team up with The Slo Mo Guys to get some high speed footage of the electrons physically moving and glowing!!

    48. xxLightcrystal999-roblox

      0:45 it’s racist

    49. Premier Tech

      Pl. Use Noble gas

    50. DaTroll

      I use silicone for the silicone

    51. kasra ghasemi


    52. Just Another Avrage Kid

      Add c02 nitrogen helium argon and a partial reflector plus 38,000 volt and congratulation you have a co2 laser

    53. Kumar Saksham

      Can u try proton beam technique's used to treat brain tumors

    54. 2Lik

      This is awesome! Now make a neutron shoot out from the atom's... Well, from it's, ahem, nucleus 🙂

    55. Odd RC Guy

      Why are there no teachers like you in school? All my teachers never had a clue about what they where doing... Seriously, one of my teachers electrocuted himself... 400V straight to the chest. "Why the f*** did you kick me?" was his response... I don't remember much after that...

    56. Official_karma_aditya

      Thanks u solve my 11th class theory. 💕💕

    57. Jose Fernando Anguila Anguila

      Best sponsor intro 😅

    58. Toby

      yo, you have a unibrow growing on ur eyebrow btw nice electric video I LOVE IT!

    59. Serenityone343

      For a better sealing gasket mix silicone and corn starch into a putty form putty around the lip of container and let cure for 6-12 hours

    60. Ali Azam Rana

      How about creating xray project in some video and see if you can xray any body part is it even possible? 🤔

    61. Minh Phạm

      I was about to comment about this is not cathode ray but an electric arc because of no vacuum, so 6:40 made me really happy that my study is not wrong

    62. Jordan Hill

      Uhhh surely this is producing an amount of X-ray Radiation 😂😂

    63. naid nryb

      So satisfying, and genius, and stings tho

    64. Zuru 72

      Does this on bladeless fan??

    65. GOA CHETAN

      I got a heart attack 1:58

    66. NGC 7635

      "Why research when I can just build and see?" I feel like that philosophy is not the wisest lol

    67. Peet Ka

      LoL your neighbors are screaming why wifi doesnt work. You are generating interference of death

    68. Arata Kaizaki

      pause right at 2:53 and you'll see the magic

    69. Zoey Miller

      Electricity is the closest thing to magic in the real world

    70. miguel vidal

      now you just need the magnets for focusing the electrons


      You can't beat vacuum tubes; especially when they power vintage Fender guitar amps.

    72. Midnight 機委

      Im surprised he still has fingers

    73. Samir Majumder

      Prosidior. Not. GOOD

    74. Alex Fox

      tesla coil inside of a crt

    75. jon covert

      My desk looks like that every day lol. It just means you’re doing something

    76. Naga Jothi

      That's amazing

    77. T子君

      okokok OKOKOK electric doom

    78. Radin Rizki

      I want a keysight 4ch scope


      What u do with hair dryer, u don't have any hair 😂

    80. JonH

      The viewer when they see Electro turn a switch: *Fear intensifies*

    81. Alsalce

      Seria mejor si fuera en español

    82. A. Raymundo


    83. Clake

      12:07 that glass thing is making me very anxious lmao

    84. Windows XP

      When I see the 'e' sign I remember internet explorer

    85. Engineer's Channel

      good video but electron will not go and go after passing hole in disk as when it reaches other side the positive charge will force it to go back towards center . that's i think any suggestions

    86. Matt G

      This gives me a terrible idea. Who needs spinning blades when you could use high voltage to ionize air for a fan

    87. MdR

      Is this the same as ion engine ?

    88. ChemDamned

      I never understand if and when his boom are real 😅

    89. Shantanu Singh

      4:12 "why is it shocking me?" *proceeds to touch it with bare hands*

    90. Rishik Chakravarty

      Will you be the HOD of electrical engineering in our college?

    91. Pradip das

      Therefore , colour of electrons are purbleish violet

    92. Mr. Sed

      Can we appreciate this man for hurting himself like 20x or more in just one day just to make this funny funny video

    93. The Original SA

      12:07 Just noticed that the glass dome is hanging on the ledge

    94. Kirbo

      1:56 electroboom in a nutshell

    95. The Little Pantomath

      For once ,Mehdi made me proud to keep my table covered in tools and wires.

    96. Ugly boi

      See how far the wind blows through the hole

    97. SANSbura _xD

      He could get hit by a lightning bolt and still survive

    98. Alec Wells

      Bro, I have been asked you to do this for years. This is awesome!!!

    99. Matty R

      The science on your channel is ace. Please be careful with it though lol.

    100. giannis john

      7:25 I used the stones to destroy the stones