ORIGINAL CONCEPT: Reviewing Your Reddit Submissions


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    Let me review some of your submissions. Maybe we learn something?!
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    By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

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    1. WhyfromYT

      free energy is clickbait

    2. محمد خانی

      I just Zadam like-o👍

    3. foreverkurome

      That part at the end where he mentions going into great detail is absolutely golden, I loved it ❤️

    4. Hafizh Nabawi


    5. reveloperboy

      4 milion special team video?

    6. Sean Kamran Rowshandel

      When i pretend to care about xinjiang people as an individual it looks very Very different from caring about xinjiang people as a member of the same group. It's a different wiring diagram

    7. Huzaif Zabi

      Some people use lasers instead of LED to transmit information because it is focused, Also these LiFi applications can be used in Space Missions .....

    8. Billy'sRandom Stuff

      La tity, that had to be on purpose

    9. Aldean john

      0:39 intro

    10. Jackson Hammond


    11. Yes Latino

      Greetings from Bulgaria, make videos more often xDD

    12. Malay Daz

      Bty Medhi is a popular title in Assam (India) ... Love from India Mehdi❤️

    13. Ali Etesamy

      Why you stop saying "بزن لایکو!" that was so cool😂👍

    14. Nemo Bantay

      I love how ChrisFixIt immediately pops up when he searched "blinker fluid"

    15. Luigi4444af green4

      grow a mushtache

    16. Uzumaki Clan

      all of those vids are from india take it or not

    17. Luigi Mario

      11:33 Yeah, just use lasers next time.

    18. Sai Vamsi Prabhakar K

      do u speak farsi ?

    19. Rose Waters

      I always learn so much from your videos! You deserve all the subs! I like Davie504 too! 😆💕

    20. Mairis Bērziņš

      If the phones can pop popcorn then why the fuck do we need a goddamn cable plugged into an outlet for our microwaves for them to work? Can't u just make them work on phone batteries? Dumb xD

    21. Intergalactic Gamer

      9:43 the speaker isn't playing any music, the reflection of the light on the center of the speaker is showing the diaphragm isn't vibrating making it just another video where the music is from another source or overlayed on the video.

    22. TheSystem

      You are a real, and funny guy. Thank you!

    23. TheSystem

      You ca drop over to my place any day. Thx. :-)

    24. kasra ghasemi


    25. Kevin Carlos

      Sheesh, those "energy generator" video titles are even worse than the old "kissing prank" ones

    26. Soumitra Karmakar

      This should be named LaTiTiE

    27. Karan Electrics


    28. phantyr

      la titty

    29. Pandu POLUAN

      La Titty !

    30. WiperTF2

      3:30 freaking died laughing at the neck crackling head turn

    31. Christian L

      I Bezanlikeo'd the shit out of this video

    32. Oliver Judson

      2:45 what video is that from

    33. Kuntal Das

      Sdaiay ft Mehdi!!

    34. John Doe

      that look on the lineman's face tells me he thought they'd disconnected it

    35. Tyler Albright

      Davie 504 is jealous of your electric guitar

    36. cgn cgn

      according to Wikipedia The thermodynamic free energy is a concept useful in the thermodynamics of chemical or thermal processes in engineering and science. The change in the free energy is the maximum amount of work that a thermodynamic system can perform in a process at constant temperature, and its sign indicates whether a process is thermodynamically favorable or forbidden. Since free energy usually contains potential energy, it is not absolute but depends on the choice of a zero point. Therefore, only relative free energy values, or changes in free energy, are physically meaningful. The free energy is a thermodynamic state function, like the internal energy, enthalpy, and entropy.

      1. cgn cgn

        So it should be real if you make a diy projects

    37. Rudra Singh Bhardwaj

      Yes the intro LATITY has QUALITY

    38. Kyle Fillingim

      You keep bashing on free energy... I do know that most free energy videos are fake, but aren't solar cells and wind turbines a way to collect free energy? Maybe my definition of free is wrong... anyway I enjoyed the video.

    39. Jacob Sanders

      That solar panel thing is pretty cool

    40. George Nikoloff

      4:01 there is a video about 6g+ with just an antenna and a USB cable

    41. srivatsan kidambi

      The intro is awesome

    42. Gimiter

      14:13 do it

    43. Gimiter

      11:28 whats that song?

    44. Justin

      More like: Ok Boomers if you have questions in Quarantine...

    45. RED'X

      Hey mehdi you promised to make a video on trapping high voltage in some sort of acrylic, please make a video on that

    46. Tempest Storm


    47. amirhossein s

      Hey you didnt reveal your entire team after you reached 4M sub!!!

    48. amir x pro

      14:23 زدم لایکو 😂


      ChrisFix made it in 4:01

    50. jejednb

      3:27 looool

    51. *IOETER*

      Wow a year ago time passes realy fast im following electroboom since 2014

    52. Korbin Adkins

      one year oge

    53. Pinion Gaming

      Wow. I typed in Latity into google because I thought it was a real word and the first thing that comes up is Electroboom. This guy is really famous.

    54. shivam roy

      You should definitely make a safer "maximum voltage ioniser" 2.0 😆 It looks awesome

    55. do you now a way

      1:32 (you have to do only 1 censorship but you also failed in this) 😥😅😂😂

    56. Jesse Rantanen

      yes I can get free 6G+ by sticking some copper wire to a USB

    57. Sobhan Ne’mati Honar

      بزن لایکو

    58. Andreas Loki18

      Lo peor de los generadores de energia ilimitada, es que los niños se lo creen y terminan presentando esas mamadas como proyecto de ciencias xD

    59. Hubert-Tech

      Something like this light and solar-cell thing, was used in ww2 by the germans as transmissin device. It was called Lichtsprechgerät 80 and could transfere over 3 kilometers of distance. www.la6nca.net/tysk2/lispr/index.htm

    60. Borish meitei

      His intro is so funny

    61. Dapper Dan

      Man really made a microwave gun

    62. P455w0rd's 16

      14:38 10 weeks later Me: I did my nuke mom!🤩 Mom: good job son😬

    63. Majeed's Gaming

      I love the tatity intro

    64. The Chicken Master

      Not only do I learn electronics from you but your name correction also made me remember arabic pronunciation. Amazing

    65. Hirbod Rezapanah

      زدم لایک رو

    66. ♫♪Ludwig van Beethoven♪♫

      13:42 how to get cancer

    67. Therru

      13:18 dude just turned his microwave into a radiation cannon.

    68. ᗰ៩รรเ

      Earphones sound awesome🤣

    69. InfinityEthan Studios 2021

      10:23 There is a USB port on your oscilloscope!

    70. saif minecraft gaming

      i can just hear his laptop overheating

    71. Baaxil Jamyl

      You are now 4+ million subs. Show us your team

    72. P10

      Please don't watch that stupit Lier india video

    73. SmugBlox

      Electricute the like button!

    74. Tony Bundy

      ZAP! the like button!

    75. TrapperAaron

      We call them foxhole radios. Was common in ww2 POW camps

    76. Pulat Pulet

      1:30 when he forgets to censor "shit" again

    77. Dhiren Dullabh

      11:15 someone pls send me this song title. I need to know what he says in it. 😇🙃😱😱😱

      1. Connor Egan

        It's called right hand rule

    78. Dio Brando

      Well if we’re talking like energy energy then technically anything is free energy

    79. visible kid 2 subs

      i love all his songs now im starting to think that mehdi is a musician and electrician😂🤣😂🤣😂

    80. Doom lunacy *willixhaxsterz

      alot of projects i made was inspired by electroboom Especially putting Gfcis in bathrooms

    81. Niraj Somai

      Hey Try to run DC series motor on NO LOAD

    82. shane travis

      The bad thing about they wire delivers is they font all ways work believe me they can fall a friend of mine blow up his drill doing the same thing what people don't release is all these electrical all it takes is some that know how to make a emp and everything would be f.ck beacuse people rely on tec a terrorist would have a feel day and nobody thinks of that beacuse they are to lazy and NO AM NOT A TERRORIST JUST IN CASE SOME DAFTY SAY IT SO DONT KICK MY DOOR DOWN there was a reason why they had to stop to computer from taking to each other beacuse nobody could understand what they were sayin to each other look up the history on it

    83. shane travis

      Has anybody noticed everytime he shocks him self he just dose it agian normally you don't this guy dose sayin that is he still alive?

    84. Mahdi

      Well it's Astable Multivibrator since there's capacitors in transistor's base

    85. Chokyo

      He just leveled up

    86. Jack-Ash sailing

      "ZAP that like button....."?!

    87. Katinka Princess

      03:27 this is art! *laugh

    88. Mor Rari

      9:45 its not fake, the original was done by a german and had been on TED talk... ;)

    89. DSrocks690

      Mehdi: calls hamster video fake Me: goes to store to buy hamster wheel and some Legos.

    90. The Worthy

      9:46 he actually stopped the music Look in the phone's display

    91. ES \ MAHI Sudip

      I am the 100k th liker 😍😍🥰

    92. Mark Harris

      My respiratory consultant is called Dr Mehdi and when he first arrived at the hospital they had Dr Medhi on his door. The other ward staff said no one would notice, but they didn’t count on me.

    93. TheZipperDragon

      Li Fi? Heh. More like LIE FI!

    94. Saeed Speed

      بزن لایک رو

    95. Dr_SHAYAN

      وااای جوووون گفتی بزن لایکوو فارسی گفتی اخ جووووووووووووون

    96. electrical death ship

      Now it is a good thing to be called a boomer

    97. Dexter Hermans

      Why is the like button called that it should be called bezan like o

    98. Charliechoes

      This is so rich. Thank you Mehdi.

    99. Aryan Salehi

      بزن لایکو