Painful High Voltage Levitation Magic


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    I saw a video and had to rectify it! Can you levitate metal using voltage over your body? Watch Jay’s video from @PlasmaChannel to learn more:

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    By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

    Објављено Пре 8 месеци


    1. Core533

      It was at this moment that he knew he fu**** up 3:39


      8:59 gayy

    3. Sean Kamran Rowshandel

      the thing about transforming into an immigrant (from an unclean nation to a place on earth) is that other people don't see it coming when you've changed your instincts to become a successful... Terminator by knowing that NEEDING to know more people or needing to have more info/evidence/experience will always be a trait of the newest Terminator

    4. Jovica plays

      7:00 Electroboom:stop jumping you moron Little sliver boi:what did u call me bich *Little sliver boi use shock* Electroboom:OWWWWW Little sliver boi:get Karma bich

    5. Rursus

      This is what's called "jumping ghost discharge." A little ghost is jumping up and down to transfer small electrical charges. It could perhaps be used as a resistor.

    6. Kasra Jodai

      قشنگ رگ ایرانی رو داری 😂

    7. FryGuy

      still a great video

    8. AngryPotato

      8:50 is my favourite part :)

    9. Exwhyzed〘𓂀〙

      8:25 someone help me 😂

    10. S Raja


    11. Random 4400

      Ghost 👻

    12. valluselvi rodri

      Well if you want Tom and Jerry together you have come to the right place

    13. Fire gaming

      I’lL Be ThE jUdGE oF ThAT

    14. nams .r

      8:51 i cant stop watching that

    15. Sabyasachi Choudhury

      Watching this guy's videos are like watching a ticking time bomb

    16. Ariyan Zarif

      Hello plasma channel

    17. Apple dog

      8:57 LOLLLLL

    18. the roblox gamer

      Real ill be the judge of that 0:18

    19. Kien Aldrine Bactung

      He's the great son of Zeus

    20. Gyro Stanpoint

      8:58-9:00 that scream

    21. Ethem Deli

      Patience level 1000000000000000000 for mehdi

    22. Kieran Brown

      Before I watched Jay's video I though I had a basic understanding of this, I was entirely wrong. So my understanding was that the electrons were attracted to ground, and since the foil is conductive they sort of lifted it up to your hand, and some electrons discharged from the sharp corners at the bottom. This is a very wrong and stupid assumption, please go watch Jay's video! :D Also please note I know nothing at all about electrical engineering other than live wires are dangerous when you mess with high voltage.

    23. Qwerty Headphones

      4:46 when you get basketball super powers 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    24. Jalapeño and Banana Productions

      3:38 There is a blue thing lol

    25. juoig7799

      At first this looks like bullshit to me.

    26. sparsh_play

      He just invented pong from 2090

    27. kasra ghasemi


    28. UHoldThat

      His life span is slowly growing because of all the electricity flowing through his body

    29. Son of Blaze


    30. Gaming with afraz

      the foil looks like AMONG US sussy baka

    31. nan space Channel

      8:57​ 5555555555555

    32. bluman

      hes on mars guys this isnt real 🥱

    33. N Y

      Look like dancing gost

    34. Kafka

      8:22 it was at this moment, he knew he f***ed up

    35. No hope X

      3:39 he moved his hand so quick

    36. Mooo

      In 7 or 8 years Mehdi will become thor

    37. Mooo

      3:33 First time seeing Mehdi happy

    38. Rn 5 Bahniman Borah

      i studied it in class 8 this is called electotastic force

    39. Anime Nerd

      8:55 peru peru peru peru *gets shoked, aAhhH

    40. DHA_ Bros

      Just do it

    41. Micah

      8:53 😂😂

    42. STARR

      Wingardium leviosa ⚡💀 👀

    43. Muthumeenakshi Subash

      you should have seen his face when it flew to his hand and maybe you should cover your hand in foil and do it again love you mehdi

    44. sock man2020

      3:30 is the funniest thing in the world!🤣🤣 genuine fear

    45. Sadikk 1208


    46. Toms Vilnis pujiņš

      shopkeeper:why do you need 150 boxes of aluminum foil Mehdi:

    47. NASA Payroll system

      I notice when you shock yourself, you still swear in English, is it not better for you to let a few Farsi words out ?

    48. MüKhTaR AhMaD


    49. Adesh persaud

      8:22 me when I'm in the toilet and there's no toilet paper

    50. Matthew Plotkin

      Quantum levitation with supercooled magnets... acoustic levitation. Both are actually much cooler and AbSoLuT3Ly 10O% ReAL wow not clickbait top ten

    51. sagchaos

      7:00 that’s what you get for saying I’m a moron

    52. Cody Baker

      7:05 “Moran? Heh well I’ll show you”

    53. nima hoseynni

      7:04 aaaaaaaaa! ooooowwwwwww XD

    54. PJ Mathew Perez

      00:03:39 (*ZAP!*) 00:08:52 (Wait in 5 Seconds) Ehhh! Aaaahhhhh!

    55. 希格斯玻色子保皇者

      1:07 LMAO

    56. AboveEmAllProduction

      Is 20mA really alot??

    57. [ᴅᴇᴀᴅ ᴋɪʟʟᴇʀ]

      3:37 he moved his arm quick


      I love it . When you say it can shock the shit out of me 6:31

    59. CHaoScrTl

      im just waiting fir a lab accident that turns him into a superhuman or turns him into a hidious creture that can lay eggs out if his mouth andshoot reglur laser pointers out of his eyes.

    60. Battal mg


    61. Luke Kuethe

      i'm only a minute in, and i already know that i'm in for a "yeaaaaaawwwwwww sh**"

    62. Marion Byrd

      You make me laugh every day

    63. HellStorm


    64. Night Fall

      1:46 The aluminum foil looks sus.

    65. Mad Scientific

      Plastic tongs save that switch a lot of use lol

    66. Not A Furry

      Imagine doing this in front of a VII century guy

    67. I did not sub to jekoy

      This guy has balls of steel.

    68. Jarrod DOUGLAS

      The force is strong with this one

    69. David Benedict M. TAÑEDO

      i just dont know why 616 peoples disliked this video

    70. TheSystem

      Flat handedly. lol

    71. shayan moosavi

      5:36-5:56 when you have to play the last checkpoint over and over but you keep dying.

    72. TJ Malone

      8:52 "and here we hear the mating call of a wild Mehdi" 8:58 "it seems something spooked this wild Mehdi"

    73. fongherton

      Those thingies look pretty sus

    74. Hyperion 666

      this is simply amazing. science is wonderful

    75. nishk


    76. Leonel Barrientos

      How am I going to turn off the power now? Everything I touch will shock me. Plasma Channel: that’s why I connected negative to my body instead of positive.😌

    77. Hovanes Tandretsyan

      Yo go 3:35 and ull see him get shocked but he moves mad fast so ge has to be the flash

    78. Martin show

      I subbed twice once on my playstation and now on my phone

    79. Claw Of harmos

      7:01 careful they bite

    80. Xrad Adam

      My friend when I'm jumping to high on the trampoline 6:59

    81. g f

      1:20 please tell me that was not a pun

    82. Ozymandias King

      Electroboom, youtube is in desperate need of the rectifier once again! That menace to facts and knowledge, the History Channel, is back at it once again. Please rectify this!

    83. Ariannna García Marcus

      I'm never pissing you off elctroboom that aluminum foil looks like a ghost from pacman imagine him getting a million times more infuriated that tin foil keeps zapping the zapping aluminum foil ghost from pacman

    84. X Gamingo

      3:39 i got scared

    85. Magnus Reinhold

      Electroboom: that scared the sh*t out of me Me: hahahahaha

    86. Mr Frost Hacker

      3:39 funni

    87. Goose Le Honk

      Check out his eyes on the thumbnail

    88. Rolylyn Consolacion

      Boom you play a five nigh's freddy plss

    89. Ernest Soler

      What do you think about Rodin Coils, and what can you do with them?

    90. Taner Oles


    91. 8KHARSH

      He tells us not to do it by hurting himself such a great person

    92. Dr Noob

      I know it's not safe to use copyrighted music but I like to think The Force theme plays when you get the foil to work

    93. Loyis Gibson

      Back and down?

    94. C76

      *Levitating Twerking*

    95. Speakable Playz

      this guy keeps his mouse on top of his laptop's palm rest why

    96. saif minecraft gaming

      when the smaller silver foil is on the larger plate it gets charged but as your hand has the opposite charge then the silver foil it drops on the bigger plate it gets charged and then gets attracted to your hand then it touches your hand and becoms neutral and it drops and charges again t

    97. zak

      Hahaha 3:38

    98. Admiral Musclebeard

      Like his surfer dude laugh!

    99. Kiniru.Mp4

      *When the impostors sus*

      1. Cyber Lightning

        get out of my head get out of my head mogus is everywhere :(

    100. Asthetics

      8:26 lol]