Power Supplies and Electronic Life-Hacks (ElectroBOOM101 - 009)


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    HEY! Those ARE life-hacks since they are MASSIVELY used electronic knowledge.
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    By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

    0:00 Intro to Electronic Power Supplies
    2:38 Schematic Symbols for Power Supplies
    3:53 Ideal Voltage Supply
    4:47 Non-Ideal Voltage Supply
    6:07 Equivalent Resistance/Impedance for Series Circuits
    6:52 Voltage Divider Circuit
    7:54 Ideal Current Supply
    8:22 Non-Ideal Current Supply
    9:22 Equivalent Resistance/Impedance for Parallel Circuits
    10:20 Current Divider Circuit
    11:19 Thevenin and Norton Circuit Models

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    21. Tony Boloni

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