RAGE-FIXing my Office Chair 😤🔧


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    I was going to put this in my Mehditation channel, but then... maybe the art of RAGE-FIXING is technical enough to be in my technical channel!!
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    By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

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    1. ElectroBOOM

      Yo! I promoted RAGE-FIXING from Mehditation to ELectroBOOM! Hope it was a wise choice!

      1. Bhuvansh Gorghate

        I know what u do on it and why u fixed that😏

      2. Ethan Collado


      3. Xnoob Speakable

        That 670k for this video with less effort is prolly worth it

      4. sujata panigrahy

        Someone please reply bot this saying "nice"

      5. Moha Gamer

        I love you man plise see may comant

    2. Shinki

      3:17 deez nuts

    3. Guy Dviri

      fixing chair like that squeaking noise after few years ,it's just impossible.

    4. DerpyUniverse

      I weigh 120lbs and my chairs don’t even last one year lmao

    5. SpartanJames

      Super glue the rod back together

    6. Julie Fisher

      Duh... you are an electrical engineer.... chairs are (in this case) not electric. But nice bodge repair. How long do you think it will last?

    7. Douglas Powell

      Don't set your chair on fire with the angle grinder!

    8. zer0

      the literal iranian rick

    9. Steve Spence

      Have you not compromise the strength of the chair, I would have modified the bolt. please note I am an electrical engineer. I have been in this exact same situration and please mechanical engineers not all electrical engineers are like this 😁️ 😁️

    10. Greag Mcsmith

      nice to see that outro still in use. }: )

    11. Fusion Kush

      3 inches long 🤣

    12. ScreaminMadMurphy

      you can get a much better chair for like 50 bucks, amazon, goodwill, biglots, etc. Iadmire your effort but your time is worth more ;)

    13. Papaji

      I think u could have cut the bolt insted

    14. Big Steve

      I've had a giant spring rip out the bottom of one of those cheap chairs when the plastic cap failed as I leant back and literally went through the dry wall and imbedded itself, missed my foot by a centimetre! P.s you could do with a Dremel 👌

    15. gordon43khc

      I cannot spend enough time watching your antics.

    16. Ed Be

      lol I had no idea that everything I've been fixing has been rage fixed.

    17. Pan Majin

      Not gonna lie, I thought it would end in a catastrophe

    18. Jordan Harrell

      “I run to the local screw store with my measurements.” That’s where you messed up. ALWAYS TAKE THE SCREW WITH YOU TO THE STORE. Edit: I actually own the exact same chair, so I flipped it over to get a good look and google image searched “furniture bolt types” and was able to find the name of the bolt (barrel nuts with a cap bolt) and confirm that you can get them in several sizes at Lowe’s. I realize that the 30 sec fix wouldn’t have made a good video, just wanted to show that taking 30 seconds to get the right hardware will save you time and effort (and arc grinder related hand wounds) in the long run.

    19. Xenon Fuel

      Alternative channel name: HowToPersian

    20. Wotb Mcpe with Aidan

      Haha funny 3:39



    22. Muppetpaster

      Extract bolt....place washer against hole ,insert bolt......done...No grinder needed....

    23. Justin Verrall

      As an apprentices mechanical engineer you make me feel a little bit better about myself 🥰

    24. nosarcasm1

      Why don't you Upgrade your Chair with electronic? Some switches to adjust the sitting position?

    25. Mr. Potato

      3:18 GOTTEM

    26. Mr. Potato

      “Now we tighten these nuts against each other”

    27. Bionic FTM PROSTHETICS

      Please make a plasma candle

    28. Miguel Antonio Campo

      Cause of u im taking electric course. From Philippines 🇵🇭

    29. A3R3S M8

      3:18 and then we tighten deez nuts

    30. Jow off Session


    31. V4d1mm

      3:19 "We tighten 'these nuts'..." hmm

    32. Leo liao

      "tighten DEEZ NUTS against each other"

    33. Ken WONG

      A “screw” without threads across the whole length should be called a bolt

      1. Khalsa Bally

        It’s a bolt lol that’s what I kept thinking

    34. Sadman Hasan

      You must make a comady channel

    35. Arun m r

      Famous last words "Hopefully won't affect the structural integrity"

    36. BFB-DanceySteve

      Chair raising content.

    37. Jalapeño and Banana Productions


    38. Kinang Eagle

      You can tell he’s an electrical engineer by how shitty his hand tools are

    39. Kinang Eagle

      I feel like a kid in 2015 who’s asking for help to convince his parents to get him a ps4. I need help to convince my parents to spend good money on a chair cause they’e constantly complaining about their backs, but they won’t believe me that chairs are actually really important and they’re overlooking it. Im not even telling them to get the sucky yucky gaming chairs but those are the only things they can think of when i mention expensive chair

      1. John Hartshorne

        I don’t know if your family can afford it or not ($1,500 USD), but I have a Herman Miller Aeron and I love it. If you can catch them at a time that they can’t where they can’t pass you by, then you could try to convince them to get something like that. Maybe while you’re at the dinner table they might mention their backs and you’ll be able to bring it up. Keep in mind though, given the price range of something like what I listed, they would have to use it a lot for it to pay off.

    40. aditya gawhale

      “A bit of blood there you can ignore” - lol

    41. MAKER

      You are a monster . Electricity spitter monster. You normal during offline life . But in video ,you become monster . Electricity spitter monster.

    42. Slippi! meat

      Your videos are some of the very few on RScamera that I watch with a big grin on my face the whole time.

    43. prallund feucht

      excellent electrical engineering!

    44. minecraft is a sus

      Just buy new one

    45. Jammin' Coder

      Makes you rethink your life choices when you spend 3 minutes and 56 seconds watching a guy on the internet fix an office chair for entertainment XD

    46. Frp Alpha

      Its a fart of requerment not part 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    47. 24K gold plated banana award

    48. Enrico maraldi

      just cutting the bullon was never an option

    49. Gg Vv

      That happens to my chair a lot and I just let it sit overnight and ⚡vuala⚡ Its FIXED

    50. The bearded guy

      Currently cutting my chair into pieces after your inspirational video.... not sure if it’s fixing but it’s definitely satisfying...

    51. Joshua Garofolo Guitar

      I especially loved "I was ready to accept my new life!" lol

    52. npr victim

      He's like science Arnold Schwarzenegger

    53. Just Gin

      The intro is just the best!!! XD

    54. Pooch Selvam

      John like a don....

      1. L Ryuzaki

        John finally ban gaya Don

    55. Tarik Bruh

      "DON'T LET ME CANCLE YOU, YOU PEICE OF SH-" Twitter 2019-2021 in a nutshell.

      1. ALPHA_sh

        twitter always*

    56. 20th Century Fox Animation

      calm down bruh don't be rage

    57. T.F Block

      3:18 deez nuts

    58. T.F Block

      3:37 haha

    59. Saigokul

      Normal people : ho no chair is broken ,lets buy a new and cheap and best quality Electroboom :my #### chair is broken i want to repair it beacuse iam a electric engineer i can do anything

    60. Rogério Pazetto

      I don't know what is better: the comments or the video...

    61. Clifford Cuh

      Mans looks like Trevor from gta

    62. Went Home

      shocking video :D stupid

    63. RoxasZy98

      put the washer close to the hole first, and then put the screw in

    64. Bayu Yasutora

      Tighten DEEZ NUTZ

    65. Ed Mark

      EB: Take measurements of the screw. Filipinos: gimme that broken piece (present the broken piece to the hardware tech)

    66. CookieClassiC Keks

      Pain is temorary, glory forever!!!!!!!

    67. Audio Aficionado

      I fixed my cheap office chair when the plastic base started to collapse. It was hollow with some thin bracing. Filled it with epoxy/silica sand mixture over a decade ago to stiffen it. Still using it today.

    68. Tvoye Litso Glupoye

      It's your disappointment in your lack of effort fat shaming you, not the chair. Starting Strength has answers for you. You'll feel at home, they are Texains and are also loud and angry.

    69. Matas Morkūnas

      Ah litle bit of damege that is part of the

    70. Hasoツ

      pretty sure the screw was just inserted from the other side and you did not need to cut that part

    71. Duncan Taylor

      Zen and the art of angle grinding.

    72. Gaurav Nandy

      Where did u do ur engineering

    73. michael hanrahan

      Yam nutter

    74. Fan Guy YT FGYT

      3:40 when you are playing with your (CHAIR) and accidentally lean on to it to much

    75. Ecktor

      If anyone's curious, the ending theme's lyrics just repeats over and over the words: paywoodoobootoopaypoopay 3:47 I heard this means "electrical engineers don't deserve demonetization" in either farsi or azeri, not really sure which.

    76. Safety Socks

      why buy a new chair when u can make a video fixing the old chair and now have money to buy new chairs that you dont need to buy

    77. Just Ivan

      i would get longer threadless bolt and bang it into rivet

    78. Johnny's Videos

      Next rage fix the gas cylinder in the chair

    79. THEGRIM

      bro bye the pewdipie 399 chair

    80. potatohead

      I have the same chair lol

    81. executive

      yup, that's how I would expect an electrical engineer to fix it

    82. Xion

      Love the double bolt trick.

    83. mikrobixmikrobix

      omg cut head of bolt!

    84. Count Nealcha

      I swear even tho he is talking in English I hear it in Persian for some reason (And before you tell me he is indeed persian yes i know that's why i said it)

    85. amirvol90


    86. Cyprus980

      React to fronzoli electronic s

    87. StarLightGalaxyGaming


    88. Electric Spider

      Sparks flying

    89. ツ~ SoferSam ~ ツ

      electroboom always gets hurted on every video sometimes of technology and energy and stuff it just gets in danger and injured and its like sh*t

    90. JosePlays

      so fucking funny

    91. تعلم مع محمد

      hahaaahahahha its cool

    92. floh667

      wouldn't have happen with an RGB gaming chair. :P

    93. Tyron2102

      3:17 got em

    94. Данил Коробов

      я у мамы инженер ...

    95. Mahdi Abedi

      اینقدر نت ضعیفه با کیفیت 360 15بار قطع و وصل شد/////////:

    96. Mahdi Abedi

      ایول بابا کارت بیسته

    97. Ash

      Moreover after fixing it, its time to donate it and replace with a new bigger version as you look ridiculous in that small chair!!!!!!!!

    98. Ash

      Mehdi since you originate from middle east I am surprised why you couldn't use a drop of machine oil!! onto the moving parts

    99. Ronan Fesselier

      Mehdi Boom, inventor of the unthreaded screw.

    100. Karthik C

      Mehdi. You could easily order a replacement part from mcmastercarr.com or Misumi.com. Misumi has so many customisable pins. I bet if you search the catalog carefully you could even find an exact replacement part! But then, electrical engineers would like to complicate things! Cutting out a slot and sacrificing the structural integrity of the frame! That is something I would never do.