Tour of My New House!!!


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    I have been so busy renovating and moving, so let’s SEE IT!
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    By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

    Објављено Пре 11 месеци


    1. RSK Raider

      Why he looks like Stannis Baratheon?

      1. RSK Raider

        When Unshaved obv

    2. ⛦Fakedream2⛦

      Thumbnail lol

    3. BOSS Δ.M.V

      Never watch electroboom's vids while holding your phone with single hand cause at 3:03 I dropped my phone flat on the floor


      Ow so this is the old shity House you visited it's nice now

    5. Elias Abboud élève

      The whole video was B R E A K E R

    6. Rogério Pazetto

      4:18 "stupid fuse panel" i think is not the fuse panel who is stupid

    7. Rogério Pazetto

      3:00 i never get tired of this part...

    8. BFB-DanceySteve

      You should make a series of going to different countries to check out that places' supplies

    9. Ryan Ringer

      12:30 as a stupid kid that stuck a thing into an outlet, I'm offended

    10. jarvis

      home tour of electroboom Here is my power supply House tour over bye

    11. Hafizh Nabawi


    12. Rogério Pazetto

      Correct title: tour of my new FUSE PANEL

    13. Craig Ebersole

      I laughed so hard about the short circuit, "Destiny?" joke. Your channel is awesome.

    14. Sadman Hasan

      Really your the master of electronic

    15. J P E


    16. Attitude boy

      Mehadi: tour of my house Also mehadi: shows the breaker panel and power lines! ❌😂😂❌

    17. The_Vanshika

      3:05 5:30 Yess

    18. Safe Pancake

      I read the title as that one song

    19. The Happy Gardener

      Use MCB man it's safe

    20. King Lonne

      They sure did not do well on putting the power and neutral into the breaker box as some copper is sticking out and is a no no

    21. manaherb

      Aren't ground and neutral essentially the same? What's the difference between shorting between neutral/live and ground/live?

    22. j.a.cole

      oh look i just bought a new house... proceeds to have the first thing he does, is open the electric panel and arc the main

    23. fimbles101

      As a Uk resident looking at your fuse panel i say what the fuck!

    24. ilyes Tanki



      The wire on the top of the pole is for is it really the hv line i thought its for lightning correct me if i am wrong electroboom

    26. Fardeeva Akhtari

      Sorry planet :) 🤣😂

    27. Ugli

      The baert is on fire

    28. Chang Fong Chua

      You mean usa did not have maim circuit box?

    29. Manjit Singh


    30. Kieran Brown

      Fun fact, do you know that green energy isn't always green energy in the EU? Everyone gets their power from the national grid, and more than just green energy providers supply power to the grid. The only way to go completely green is to stay off the grid. :)

    31. Oscar Sturgess

      AFDD's which are the UK equivalent of your AFCI's and they too never work I'm doing electrical installations at college and our college as a fun demonstration where we have arcs going behind a plexi glass panel powered through an AFDD to demonstrate how they don't work RCBO's and RCD's are still better

    32. NotSoGoodGamer18

      “ The house is now initiated to electroboom”

    33. Mario Liulión

      2:06 Wow... Mehdi is certified That is hard to believe 🤣

    34. workismybane

      My herbal medicine practicing girlfriend after her 5th or 6th ElectroBOOM video: "I wonder what his blood pressure looks like."

    35. brycat9001

      no thats your house ur lying

    36. Macho Sancho

      3:04 I actually jumped.

    37. Intergalactic Gamer

      as a chemistry student, I love seeing 8:21 where copper ions are being ripped off the positive terminal and the electrode is interacting with the salt ion solution in the water creating the brown/orange color in the solution. Surprised the ions aren't creating precipitate at the bottom of the solution (copper density is much higher than most forms of salt)

    38. Nils

      10:28 let’s just establish the word kilodollar

    39. Shane

      The audible advertisements be coming in so smooth


      His local electricity distributers must love him

    41. Glasswall Studio

      "It is so quiet here, I can't yell." I've never related to something so much.

    42. crazy_mind1262

      Nice fake explosion at 3:06. I'm on to you Medhi

    43. Scupacium

      arcyer arcs

    44. Chad

      i just giggle like a school girl when i watch his videos cause i know the stupid jump scare is comig

    45. Omid Tutakhil

      Excuse me while I go change my pants.

    46. Joshua Peters

      love the homer beard

    47. Milk Café-Incredibox-Gaming

      We use R.C.D and G.F.C.I

    48. Fanman C

      at 3:05 that loud pop scared me

    49. Jesse Brown

      I own a home and I learned plumbing, I learned drywall, I even learned masonry. I learned almost everything about being a good homeowner except I never learned about electricity because I just didn't want to kill myself. Seeing you pull of your circuit breaker box cover makes me want to learn more about electricity. You are inspiring a new generation of homeowners to learn more about the magic in their walls. Thanks for the videos, they're all so great!

    50. Mero283


    51. Ari Parker

      Moving during a pandemic? Not something I’d do

    52. S S

      This guy has the same laptop as mine.

    53. Jonathan Othén

      Yikes, your electric grid is shit. Best regards from Sweden.

    54. Andrew Yu

      Does anyone tell me can what's happened at 3:05 ?

    55. shane travis

      If you look at my fuse box all you see is wires hanging everywhere TIPICEL glasgow Council House guarantee to go BOOM as long as am not there I dont cera

    56. Killerspieler0815

      Even the best protectio "door" shutters are useless then the plug has exposed live contacts in a NON-recessed outlet ( = the USA system).

    57. Killerspieler0815

      The price of electricity will NOT drop (on the contrary!) , look at Germany the reneables subsities made it more expansive

    58. Derick Baksh

      240 yes

    59. Abdur Razack

      *Not click bait

    60. Lonely Glitch

      Damn! What a strong Persian accent. 😂😂😂😂

    61. H maddox

      Also if you see this not all apartments are 208 three phase even some larger ones arent at least here in the states

    62. H maddox

      I see a distinct lack of fuses in the fuse panel 🤔

    63. Makarov Fox

      how the change the face to 120º?

    64. Ernest Soler

      What do you think about Rodin Coils, and what can you do with them?

    65. Vergel Ignacio

      More electricity keep up the good boom

    66. sir Serañas

      Jason Statham if he became an electrician

    67. Alicia Baumgartner

      How is it that after watching Electroboom videos for over a year, Medhi shorting his fuse box still made me jump?

    68. egbal sasooli

      حالا چهار تا ویدیو فارسی هم بسازید ممنون

    69. freaking pub

      House tour = fuse box detail.

    70. NinjaOnANinja

      4:31 Yo, that was beautiful.

    71. Faris Raza

      3:05 its 3AM rn and that jump scared the shit outta me

    72. Chris Storm

      Ah yes. Arc fault breakers and tamper resistant outlets, the two things I had to adjust to after updating the house wiring and electric service a few years ago. I can't say I've adjusted to the arc fault breakers. I've found them to be prone to nuisance tripping in high RF environments.

    73. what.

      3:05 Scared the shit out of me

    74. Gary Youth

      6:42 what the hell is that doll sitting on your desk. Creepy man.

    75. John Doe

      You got the wrong title..... It's tour of new Fuse Panel

    76. 『QQ』  Suhaib

      In Arabic country we have a 220 V as normal

    77. Shivam Vishwakarma

      I'm not letting this man come to my home

    78. darkracer125

      04:45 this is why america is the dumbest country in the world. WHY ARE THESE ABOVE GROUND. people always complaining about power outages. or people litterally getting electrocuted because they are idiots. or a whole block without power just because some jackass couln't drive.. put them underground like the first world. you damn fourth world country

    79. Oliver Joss

      you need a heatpump for the heating system. get rid of gas.

    80. Ata Aslan

      Every new house need's you to shock yourself, if you don't, it's not a house.

    81. Ahmetcan Aksu

      Wires in the outside are ugly

    82. Rudra Singh Bhardwaj

      Now that's what called a savage engineer 👍👍👍

    83. robert kennion

      welcome to the 240 club. That trapdoor feature is stupid....why not require earth >>!>!>!>!>? US safety standards are soo soviet

    84. Son Goku

      How to make 1giga volt of bolt. Edit:- and then 1000 giga volt of electrical bolt. Any theoretical idea???

    85. Chris Anderson

      I've literally put a tester in my breaker but it never arced😂😂😂

    86. Neha Mehndiratta

      Ha ha u will jump of the roof if u see wiring and mcb's in india. Its so messed. There are only mcb and a fuse to protect us. And it has 230 v only ac

    87. Manju CN halli

      Yes exactly

    88. Дмитро Троцький

      It will cost over 10kHz!

    89. paul paulzadeh

      مهدی ، vi have better in Sweden, your cable color is wrong, it didn't follow standard. Insurance company never insure your house if your electrical cable looks like that , we have also compressor heating system that make energy from earth, they drill 150m ground, put pipe inside , connected to special compressor, make warm water from that .Google it you well see ,

    90. Rowyn Official

      10:27 Guys! It would be over 10 KHz!

    91. Jacques B

      thanks dude i nearly crapped myself 3:05

    92. LyteSpeedRukie

      I wish if he could teach me physics at my school 😎😎😎😎

    93. Tejas Kulkarni

      Almost full house tour was a electric engineering lecture😑😂

    94. Joseph DESTAUBIN

      Go ahead, get a ladder and measure the high voltage. Just make sure it's an aluminum ladder, so you are properly grounded. LOL

    95. Raven

      he looks like a dad

    96. Askaline21/31

      3:05 Mehdi : Short the fuse panel* neighbors : Are they attempt to make a bomb?

    97. 5540 Aravindhakshan S

      "Maybe I'll buy an electric car in future to use it" And yes. You certainly did

      1. beartastic

        i'm sure he put it down as a "white board" and business expense though, so dont go ratting him out:P


      it's cheaper to change the wiring for the whole room at here


      in my country that line's voltage is around 20-21V 3 phase.

    100. Harshal Gohel

      How this man is still alive?